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  1. Well i'm gonna go with my repair action was probably the culprit. I whipped up a bunch of horseshoes and only did imp until they all needed repaired. In doing that i got 2 rare rolls (no rare horseshoe) in around an hours time. Still hard to believe that i didnt just stumble into a rare roll in the last 2 months, just bad luck i guess. Thanks everyone for your input. Made me sit down and really do some testing on how i do my smithing. I have no doubt that i'll pop a few rares now.
  2. And by the way, thank you all for your responses. Good insite on the mechanics of the rarity function.
  3. I will go about doing my improvements with out queuing repair in there but i still dont think i would miss every single one doing it like that.
  4. Statistically almost impossible to not get ANY rare rolls in all of the improving ive done. Also for the repair action to do that in that fraction of time every time i do an imps is probably as likely as not getting a rare roll ever.
  5. 73 blacksmithing, 55 jewelry, 50 lock, 50 smithing. And NO rares in all of that though?
  6. So i use hot keys already and i have woa on all my tools and i dont max out my bar. So my actions tend to be pretty quick definitely under 20 secs. There is no way i'm missing that window with the hundreds if not thousands of actions i've done. I've played wurm on and off for many years and never had this issue.
  7. I realize that rare rolls were reduced significantly while doing improvement actions. That saying i do all the smithing actions and since returning to the game a couple months ago i have not gotten a rare roll while doing improvements. I have gotten them doing other things but since 75% of what i do is improving you would think that i would get one on occasion. I play many hours a day and will sit and improve stuff hours at a time. Is there a chance i'm bugged? I dont feel i'm that incredibly unlucky. I have even went back and looked at some of my logs and searched for inspiration and find nothing.
  8. Improving is how i used to get them back in the day, but since starting back up i've had no luck at all. Water and lumps take longer doing blacksmithing and i'm probably missing my window there.
  9. Can you still get a rare roll from doing improvements? Been doing it alot and for extended periods and not got a single rare roll.
  10. We have been try to up the breeding time modifier with little success. Is there a max? What does the number actually represent? I've bumped it up to 100000 and it had little effect if any at all. I also used a GM command to change the age of a foal but the model of the horse did not change.
  11. Is there a HotA in wurm unlimited? I started a server on the base map and was hoping there is one.
  12. Hopefully this resolves itself, i was able to log on with 1 comp but not the other. I tried your fix to the host file in windows but i cant get it to save. Says i dont have admin rights which i do have.
  13. I cant get this to save to that file. Says i dont have admin rights, but i do.
  14. Anyone having this issue. Earlier i was able to log in a play then a couple hours later i start getting this error. On 2 separate computers i get the same message.
  15. In fact you are hiding something. Your hiding behind a JK alt to do your dirty work instead of doing it with your BL main. What a real man you are.