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  1. Love this map and playing it. Any chance of the in game map being replace with actual map instead of the stock one? Or is there something I missed?
  2. My word what is it with you people and wanting servers wiped / closed. A lot of us have played thousands of hours and have invested hundreds of dollars building a home away from home. It is a massive emotional investment in this incredible SANDBOX game! What gives your the right to say that all our investments be wiped. Stop your belly aching. If Rolf would delete my deeds - I would be so pissed that I would most likely never play this game again. Don't underestimate some of our commitments to what WE created for OURSELVES. Wurm is a god-sent game for a lot of us!
  3. Sorry to hear this happened. I just don't understand the hostility on this thread. Grow up. Different people value different things - just because it is digital does not devalue its worth. The representation on this thread does not jive with the community that I have become accustomed to.
  4. This "could" be used as a marketing avenue for wurm also since minecraft is so popular. Of course for this to kinda work it has to be "a planning tool" for the WURM game, since the mod is in no way an accurate reflection of our game.
  5. Ah, remember this happening to me as a newbie! Feel your pain...took me hours to get out - was very frustrating but after I got out it was an amazing feeling. Don't give is one of those WURM experiences that creates great memories later. Cheers!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Rolf!!! And thanks for the addiction
  7. Save is bugged - for now save as over original works fine...
  8. Thanks for your AWESOME work Budda! I will try it Sunday! Also WHY has this NOT be stickied?????
  9. Confirmed - same problem - problem fixed with vsync off - thank Boat!