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  1. 1) Begin Packing a tile 2) Queue up a "Level" action on an adjacent tile 3) Packing animation continues during Level action This might be related to the fact that there is no leveling animation. I searched around. Not sure if this is a dupe report. Didn't see anything. edit: Oooh. This isn't consistently reproducible. I just had it not happen. Will continue to investigate.
  2. Wurmcaching

    Woot. Lets do it.
  3. Wurmcaching

    Yes. We need a standardized naming convention. Potentially add the URL? Here's a shortened link that points to this thread:
  4. Wurmcaching

    Super cool idea. I'm not all that interested in traveling long distance yet. I still have a lot of nooby things to take care of around the deed. But I'd be interested in potentially setting up a spot somewhere near me.
  5. One could argue that the error message he received was a bug. Or not helpful as it could be at least.
  6. "Don't forget to blink. Don't forget to blink. Don't fall asleep. How many more planks? How many more shafts? Don't forget to blink. Don't forget to blink."
  7. I just feel like it would go a long ways towards helping Wurm grow. World of Warcraft wouldn't be where it is today without client-side extensibility. The best community-made extensions were always eventually rolled into the release client. Eve definitely wouldn't be where it is without its robust API and all of the fantastic tools that exist to make the game actually playable. Crowd source this biznitch. The trick would be figuring out how to limit it and expose bits and pieces to 3rd party applications safely. It's no small task, for sure. I definitely understand that I am comparing Wurm to games that are generating more income and have larger teams to lean on. I work for a small software company. I know that feel. They have to prioritize in a manner that is appropriate for their company... and I don't pretend to know their goals and schedule. I'm just making the suggestion and letting them know that there is an interest. Some security could come in the form of making developers register their applications and grab a utility key to identify the tool when it makes the requests. Calls could be throttled as to not over tax the system or applications could have a set number of requests available in a given time window. Anyway, just a thought for the team to chew on if they aren't already. I think you'd be surprised at what we (the community) could come up with. The seductive part (brainstorming) Phone app that allows you to check how much sleep bonus, money, and favor each of your characters have. A simple skill estimator that looks at your skill gain over a specific time period and projects how long it will take you to reach a target skill level. Deed and writ management from your phone. One of your neighbors need access to something but you are on the road? Change the settings remotely. Skill planner app that allows you to set goal levels for multiple skills to help you plan the way forward for each of your toons and/or all of your villagers and quickly compare their skills. Min-max your team. In-game player-run banking system. Give money to a specific bank character. Automatically receive an email with a user name and login. You can go to that site and manage your funds. Apply for loans. Fund other players' investments. Change your village MOTD via text message. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of my examples are only marginally useful, but I just came up with them over the course of a few minutes. Given 3rd party API tools, players could make all sorts of cool things. Now, all of this being said... Wurm is a little rough around the edges and dev time may be better spent elsewhere at the moment. But it's never too early to start thinking about making a public API and how something like that could work down the road.
  8. Is there a public API devs can access to make tools for Wurm? I feel like there would be a lot of potential for 3rd party desktop, mobile, and web apps if we could make calls to the server. Are there any plans to make something like this available in the future? For those unfamiliar, I am suggesting a system similar to that of Eve Online. Each entity (character, village, alliance) would have a unique API key they could supply to an application outside of Wurm. This could allow apps to serve information to the player while they are out of the game or in a web browser in a format different than that shown in-game. You could potentially have an iPhone app that told you things like the contents of your bank or how much prem time is left on your character. Those are simple examples, but the potential to make very strong tools exists if the proper access is given. Market tools are mostly what I am interested in personally. Also, free Wurm-verse development can't be bad.