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  1. I can build you one price is 2s Lock, anchor pm Wiluss in game for more info .
  2. WTB Carving knife QL 70+++ (WoA 70+/CoC 50+) Pm Wiluss
  3. Except that the actual dimensions of the bay are nothing like that picture. http://map.pheonix-enterprises.com/Deliverance.png This would be one ugly virgin...
  4. first look at this : http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/4383/legsbay.png -Virgin legs bay - Virgin Bay hf
  5. What part of map copper is common ?
  6. Main market should be located between two tundra perfect center of map . I think north location is mistake. soon on south border of Deliverance will be new server. Even more perfect loc. could be end of big deliverance Bay .
  7. Just want to thanks for deeding directly intro tar tiles ... it was nice ;/. gj Vallhala.
  8. I was on Deliverance and forgot to check forum. Somone ordered that knarr from me. realy sorry i keep you w8 .
  9. WTB 1k Dirt -1s Deliv /Inde i can pick up . post offer here or try Pm Wiluss.
  10. it depends betwen cog and caravel ... rivets and sails are pain . i can build knar less than 7 days .
  11. [Close]

    My nick in game is Wiluss. I Mature 25 y old man I spend my time on building ships and will be nice if some deed with nice community find place for me. Prefer North coast but this is not important. Like to help others and love big projects gmt +1 .
  12. If you need sailboats pm me i can build you some ~Wiluss
  13. WTS Knarr 60 QL Boat Lock || Anchor || Delivery|| Cedarrwood loc Varsovia 58x 58y price 15s i will lower price if you pick up. pm Wiluss with offers.
  14. Somone ordered it near fm docks i see he is not online from some time now i want to explore new world and i stuck here with load of 600x 9ql and 400x 7ql stone shards good for statues and slabs and anny other. Pm Wiluss in game with offer if you wish to buy them. i will delivery them.
  15. Knarr Wheelie

    Looks like my ships like moutain walking .... anyway it Moored xD
  16. Like : -Hoist and lower sails -Loading rowboats and sailboats into boats larger than sailboats ( i think hitch boat to biger one using rope can work) -Animals on board. and : - Walking mode on ship deck. - Storm weather if boat not moored it take some damage saling speed like in gale or faster. - Ships wood type textures 8) - Drink option when clicking on ship - White sails when painted (Option you can set in manage) - Bear cant kill you on big boats ...or just wont attack you if dont start a fight. - Compass working on boat. (some option like lock in doors? build intro boat) - Flag on top of mast. (Options u can pick) - if not moored it sails slow in wind direction.
  17. So are you proposing that we have a "Pulp Mill" put into the game, so we can make paper? Using wood scraps and water :}
  18. Colossus

    i would like colossus that lok like Magranon statuete i think this one is kinda ugly and meaby to evil ? :}
  19. add trees and grass to this ... i like garden around not inside house