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  1. https://exodus.yaga.host/#1553,1478 Before: https://imgur.com/a/5uJgtOC After: https://imgur.com/a/yY6UkqI A lot of diging! 5 cave enterances destroyed by priest. Thanks to irbiska for help in planting grass
  2. A difrent baner and wagons for all freedom island like kingdom on chaos. Who can craft them? a mayor of every deed on specyfic island that have a deed for at least 6 month. The pattern can be chousen by islanders by survey.
  3. Add any Boat imp prize to 93ql to chose from insted small sailing boat 95QL.
  4. Hallo i am Wiluss and i will host the Back To Nature Exodus Event The rules of the Quest: Find any abandoned spot on exodus server, teraform it as natural as you can. 0. Post your nick in game, boat wood type or 93QL imp and take place in list (max cap for now is 30 places, you can take place in list before start teraforming) 1. Minimal size of place 20x20 tiles (or couple of small places) 2. Destroy all pavement and walls (don't destroy roads that can be used by community of exodus - use exodus map and common sense) 3. Destroy all high slopes, maximum hight after terraform must be 20-22 slope (it can be more for the mountains, just make it look natural), don't make big flat surfaces. 5. Plant grass , trees, bushes you like (can be just grass, steppe, desert) 6. Post screens before and after in this topic and map cords. 7. One place 20x20 terraformed is one position on the list (you can make this in groups or use somebody's help), you can take another free place after finished the first one 8. Don't pick too easy places it supposed to be fun, don't destory other natural places to make yours for example digging dirt 9. Place statue of your choice in the middle with the name "Wiluss made me do this" Prizes: Small sailing boat 95QL for everyone who finishes the place and posts screens (any wood you pick at point 0. archeo wood included) or any yours boat imp to 93QL Roll: For every 10 places finished i will roll 95QL knarr + Vynora Rune (just one for one player if somone is rolled twice i will reroll) Other Rolls at Event end: 10 barrels of 90+ QL Kaveshi 10 barrels of Wiluss made Brandy End of event and rolls 26.03.2022 20:00 GMT+1 at O 25 Exodus Varsovia Spots: 1. 2. 3. 4. Irbiska, Boat imp - finished 5. Wiluss - finished 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Okcaj, Raspberry - finished 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
  5. I not that computer smart to manege that i just make a loot of planks and build things ...
  6. I think comunity need more information abut Baned person what they did, why they get ban, who get Ban and when. There a lot of trash comments on Steam and most of them are abot Devs and GM that just ban peoples without any explanation. This is such thing that may destroy this fantsatic game. We dont even know why our friend are gone from game and what they did and this build unesasary tension betwen comunity and dev team. Just give us more information because i just fear i could get ban anytime for random reason and its realy stop me from going forward intro the wurm. Lack of information is cancer.
  7. Name of player that get 100lvl and get privialge to set name to legandary title first at wurm wiki , i just realy want to know who contributed time in game to get thouse legendary titles and its also some kind of reward just to be mentioned in titles section.
  8. Meteorites are basicly usless no point mining them for most of players. Lets make some cool mechanic so we could gain rare ore at 50% chance when we destroy a metorite. Also add some slight chance to get smal amount of random moonmetal when mining like gem chance
  9. Pandulum Lurker in the Dark Range made of seryll 97 cast and 88 woa 79ql. is around 40 tiles, exodus server. i checked it on traitor bull. Wiki says it should be much higher is this a bug ?
  10. Smoke form Sol one charge Start Bid: 5g Minimum Increase: 10s Sniper Protect: 1hr
  11. Dude,Sweeeeeet! - i made this one on regular behive (craftable) just need to take all honey from behive. Surface Scratched - i get shild bash to 20 and it worked I still got 2 hidden achivments any ideas what can it be ? Now i have 77/80 snowball dont work
  12. New bridge and Tunel on Exodus East And this deed on island is Varsovia not Varsoria
  13. I think wurm could use some items to let players crate a quest for other players. 1.Boats/carts writs for sale boats carts at merchant or just move ownership to another person. We could use paper to make them, after making one for a boat or cart the change owner option is blocked and it change when we trade writ to another player. He can trade it again or just claim writ to be owner and use change owner option in seting. 2. Lock unlocked with password - higher ql more numbers or letter we could use. 3. Time locks. We could craft lock and activation device (2 items like lock and key) we can activate it and have a specified time to open a lock. it can work in 2 ways - the time is binded to player that used it ( so activating it by other player wont start timer) or not binded so other player can help. - usage in time races. buton for activating a lock at one side of map and locked chest on another and you have specified time to get from one place to another to open a chest. 4. Exchange box. A box with max 9 slots setable for any item. so you can set type of item/ rarity minimum ql / max dmg / runes/ enchants for each item. if person collect items and place it inside slots will give reward listed in box window. in example you place sword with woa 98 or rare bricks and get money or just another item. The items plaer place in slots can be collected from the box by box owner. It could also use diffrent reward system so you can pick reward from list.
  14. I used my rare jacket red one old type for bandage wond ... +1 for this.
  15. Sniper prot +20min From that bid 15min more from this time.