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  1. We have this nice system where we gain some of skills back on freedom. I think if a player have 100lvl at something there is just waste of time doing it on jackal. Maybe some other reward for ppl that have 100lvl on fredom and reach same skill at jackal at 50-70-90? I think also of more use for Freedom Beacons. I think of maping system . Lets split map for squares and every becon on particular squares ( i dont know 100x100 tiles or more) reveal ingame part of that square he is on ? So we have blur map and as we plant beacons map reveal part by part. Let there be a reward for reaveal full map at jackal end for all players or at 20, 50, 70, 100 %
  2. I am just little confused of all information we have here. Do i need to attend new rift to get to jackal? What time Jacal server will be open? What is the faster way to get to jackal after it open? Can i just craft portal from old rift mats on exo i alredy have without travel to first rift on indy today 6PM UTC ?
  3. i did not say prefab. i sugest building we can design on our own. Buildings will be difrent every deed. Buidling will have just some reqirements they have meet to give bonueses. Lets take smith req can be: Not samller than 9 floor tiles must have 2 forges and 2 anvils inside and crate rack and other. You can make thouse in milions dif ways.
  4. +1 And make it faster than Wagon ....
  5. I was thinking of bonus system we can gain for building a specyfic structure on deed. So we can build skill realated structures, lets take carpentry, we have to build workshop and it will reqire specyfic furniture inside and when the reqirments are meet we will gain some bonus for carpentry skill on deed. We can have all sort of building like alchemy, cooking, diary making or library for basic knowdlege gain, shipyards and other. All of them will have reqiments we have to fullfill like size, floors and furniture inside. the structure can have a levels form 1 to 3, so 1 is basic one an 3 most complex and harder reqiments to fullfill ( rare items, moon metal stuff, unique stuff) the bonus system will give some purpose to buidling vast variety of bulding that will make deeds more interesting and give possibility to crate a lot of new items and furniture just for that purpouse.
  6. I wish we had a option on BSB Crates and other container to lock QL we can put inside. So if we lock BSB on 90QL we canot put inside shards, logs a lower QL than 90.
  7. BUMP Also selling 95QL Knarrs + rune 9s
  8. WTS Smoke From Sol 150s one charge. White drake set 90QL ( + black cap) 80s Pm Wiluss
  9. Make shoreline Great again ! Before After
  10. There is a loot places left after disbanded deeds, damaged terain, high slopes. I pick random place and take some diging teraforming to change it so it look more natural Here some screans from my first place https://imgur.com/dsG1m6z https://imgur.com/86fiDB5 https://imgur.com/PF0w6nj https://imgur.com/fFaLt6W
  11. At jurnal mision Restore 250 item from fragments i have 31 achivment Master of restoration and this goal is stil white and unfinished.