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  1. Archaeology Woods for Sale !

    Cod thorn shaft to Wiluss Thanks
  2. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    At jurnal mision Restore 250 item from fragments i have 31 achivment Master of restoration and this goal is stil white and unfinished.
  3. Colosus from Sandstone

    Libia from slate
  4. We need Colosus from Sandstone maybe egiptian style. We have a lot of sandstone in mines we need more use for this.
  5. Skewbald and buckskin foals added to stock
  6. I have now this : https://imgur.com/XMIGuU0 and this: https://imgur.com/qFVvD5H And i dont do archeology to much. We need some use for thouse, we need to consume them and put them for some use. Less tokens less lags. Some ideas : 1. smelt them for ore ( Glimer, seryl and adamanite to) 2. crush them for some random prize inside. 3. sac them for deed bonuses ( more knowdlege bonus time limited or rarity bonus at rate 1 rarity for 1 token) 4. Make a system that will consume small tokens when you collect every possible metal type in game (so when you gather iron copper zinc and all others) for some deed bonus or items. - we can do that at deed tokens placing small tokens in some kind of slots. 5. Use them on normal token to change it color to metal small token metal color. 6.Crush them for tresure map fragments (50-100 tokens = 1 map) that will lead us to larg tresure chest (random tile on land at map creation server) that chest will contains 100 archo items (similar to small box we get when fill the archo deed raport). And chance for rare/supr/fant exclusive item.
  7. Troll Camps

  8. I think we could use abandon vehicle in permision option. If we dont need cart or ships so we just abandon it and than any player can come and claim it to become a new owner. We could use this option to sell ships or carts and other items on market using gates, merchants and keys. We could just abandon usless items to be free to take. Another idea is to auto abandon any permision item that owner is not online for about 6 moths.
  9. Wurm on ads.google.com

    I like the idea of wurm adds. Most of my friends never heard of Wurm. Its +1 from me. And we must be realistic this game is boring like hell. I always think of it like "retirement hous for old gamers". Its full of old grumpy decent peoples
  10. Its a Freedom guard tower its on exo O 25 name Wiluss 914
  11. "On The Highway" Build a Guard Tower Quest - i just build a guard tower, the jurnal quest i still white and it didn't turn green like other jurnal task i done.