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  1. Archaeology: finished reports

    + + + and +1
  2. Dying cloth Jacket and Sleeves

  3. Ship Building Legend Title

    [11:57:54] Ship building increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000
  4. Expeditions system

    I was thinking of expeditions system. We have game with nice crafting system so maybe we can put all thouse items in some kind of use. I think of expeitions they should be make at expedition menager on deed. We can use Guards from guard tower and send them via menager to quest with equip we made. So we can have inland expeditions with cart vagons or sea with ships. I see this as big crafting window where we place guards from tower and ships/carts we own also items we place at guards equip slots. We will have to adjust items to quest we will pick. So in some quest best armor is chain in other leather or cloth. Same think with weapons we will have list of enemys in that quest and we will have to pick best weapons fo best result. Quest will block spawning guards in towers for time of quest - couple of rl days (you canot send quards that are not on your deed). You will have to pay silvers coins for start every expedition. After quest if succesed or failed all item we place inside it will be back with hugh amount of damage or gone destoryed. The quest will have random items (consumables) they reqired to start quest Meals (specyfic cooking dish) tents, watter barrels and others. The reward should be ship/cart filled with random crafting materials regular items and unique items also small chance rare/supe/fant. The better items we put in the biger chance for nice loot. So we have system that drain more silver from game require to make/imp more items and put some items to use (grow market economy). And make larger deeds to send more guards (more silver drained).
  5. New Animal Plus Use for Small Carts

    Give us chariots !
  6. Ship Building Legend Title

    After making 100 knars i was also thinking about : Ships Madness
  7. Ship Building Legend Title

    We need more ideas !
  8. As some of you know i was struggling at making ship building legend. Now i am at the end of this journey and i wonder if there is alredy a title for that or we can sugest new one? Write some of yours propositions for SB legend title My ideas: Plank Bender Storm Chaser
  9. Update of animal and ships !
  10. Procesing rare items

    We have a lot of rare items that have no big use and price of thouse are low. Rare shard, rare herb, some lumps, COINS! They take much place in magic chest. I think we can process thouse items into rare item esence (using altar) Every one rare item will give us 1/10 esence. When we combine 10 we can use it like rare bone, just with 50% chance of succes.