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  1. Procesing rare items

    We have a lot of rare items that have no big use and price of thouse are low. Rare shard, rare herb, some lumps, COINS! They take much place in magic chest. I think we can process thouse items into rare item esence (using altar) Every one rare item will give us 1/10 esence. When we combine 10 we can use it like rare bone, just with 50% chance of succes.
  2. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    Coc 101 Pick , Scissors 100c to Wiluss please.
  3. Offline imp for M/S Revenant Caravel is finished 92ql Thanks !
  4. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    Just make changing path faster on chaos. Let say around 7-10 days to switch form one path to another. This will also persuade peoples to go on chaos and stay for 7-10 days, if they want to switch the meditation path faster.
  5. Cod to Wiluss 95 95 94 93 botd horsoes, and grindstone 101coc 40c each ? 2s total? i could also take 4sp for 2s abut i cant pick up and they canot be mailed
  6. This game has 0 ads on internet. Most of my friends do not know that such a game exists. They are surprised when I tell them about it (most of them are gamers). The YouTube video is cool, but it is the type of advertising that people find when they are alredy interested in the game. Most people who plays wurm will not move a little finger if there is no reward for what they do. Why dont when we can use peoples and reward them to bring more wurmans.
  7. Some will never play again, some will. We have now system that benefits players but won't bring new peoples inti game. Is this a good thing ? Why we need thouse referals anyway? to make ppl spend less money outside game and get a liitle more premium time saving some silvers? The current system is not working. Making new acount wont benefit anyone. Buing premium will. The prize coming with players that will stay in game longer. And wont benefit somone who will make multiple acouts( premium in game is cheeper than prize from geting new premium account) The wurm community is shrinking from opening Xanadu. The market is picky and its hard to sell even cheep rares. We ned actions, we need fresh blood not just friends and family. We need noobs!
  8. I think current referal system is sick. Its nice to have extra 6s for sellinga referal. but what is intentions of this? the referal system should bring more ppl into wurm. Now its like cash back for spending money on first premium. I think we need system that will bring more players into game. We need space at register to write nick of person that bring us into game. We need links generator for register that will bind player from game to person who make new account. That player who gets new player should get some prize when new player will buy first premium in shop or in game using silver. The prize can be 20 day of premium or 5 silver to pick when premium was bought form shop for euros. Or 2s if that player bought a first premium in game for 2s. I think we have a lot of old players and we can use them to advertise the game on internet. All we need is little payment to make it worth the efort.
  9. I see it more like memory stones for players that plays on specyfic deed. Making halls of fame. For finding on abandoned deeds to remember peoples that lived around (like in archeology). Some of us may collect other peoples staues ( little creepy? :D). I think they can be easy bashed off deed, if somone try to spam statues of himself The sketch can also be found by archeology investigating on deed (mayor statues?) We can also have option to place statues in special stands ( they should work like signs) to read some info about statue.