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  1. Harvest Yields...

    I don't know if this is a bug or not, if maybe you change the outcome on harvests. But, I'm a 38 almost 39 skill farmer so I was getting 3 sometimes 4 when I harvested. Now, I am getting 2. This has been for corn, potato and oats. I'm on the Celebration server.
  2. Celebration Map

    Thank you so much for adding us to the map! I feel like I'm really part of the community now! And always good for people to know the places they are wanting to go to.
  3. Celebration Map

    Hey there I'd like to get mine and my husband's deed's put on the map. My place Ankh's Butchery is located at X32 y45. The road seperates me from Elwynn Forest, and Mirkwood is behind me. I'm at corner of intersection of the road. On the South side of the road. Bare Point is located at x39 y28, owned by Kelder. His deed starts where Awesomesaucia southern point ends along the beach. And btw, that Acorn's Fayre is not there.
  4. Low Fps

    I think though the other people that are talking about low FPS rates are talking about even after the game has been running for a while. I get low fps rates. I look up (as in my character would look another's in the face) my fps rate drops down to 2-3. I look at my feet and it's around 12. It's really so bad that I don't do much fighting or exploring because of it.
  5. Ridiculous Lag On Good Computer

    I've also noticed lag issues (and I use a laptop also, but mine is a few years old). I'm still able to play, but I notice at times when I type in chat, that there is at least a 5 sec. delay before the message is seen.