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  1. If you join a blacklight kingdom, your faith will be reset as this makes you a Libila follower. If you join a white light kingdom and stay Mag, your faith will stay the same. Keep in mind that its not separate from Freedom, so changing religions will permanently lose your faith, but channeling stays the same.
  2. Tip to any forum moderators: don't take tips from Issle.
  3. I think you're possibly ignorant enough to be serious, so let me tell you something: "black" people typically originate in Africa.
  4. Aeris summed it up nicely. I wish you luck in actually managing to quit the forums it's harder than it sounds.
  5. Dear sir,We regret to inform you that due to the overwhelming number of applicants for this position, we have to decline your request to be the annoying person saying "I told you so," in this thread. We thank you for your time and interest. With regards, People who have actually read this thread.
  6. Yeah... You're looking at a few months' span, AFTER the initial "shiny new server" bubble, and trying to read something into it.
  7. As our Spanish speaking friends would say... Jajaja no
  8. I'm not sure either one of them is really trying to hide it. Lovefall definitely doesn't try to hide who she is.
  9. It seems like you'd consider using sleep bonus from server downtime to be 'cheating' or something.
  10. Here is an adorable kitten to give you a hug.
  11. Well, when we built it, the whole area was enemy territory. Now look at the influence map. Ergo, success!
  12. Numbers a bit inflated, don't you think?
  13. -1. One of the things I love about the game is that it's all an open market.
  14. -1. There's no reason our poor staff members should have to be visible whenever they chat.
  15. Erm. There are a rather lot of "PvP only" changes that would affect Freedom. Like, for example, the changes to archery and its body control gain.
  16. -1. It's meant as a way for less active players to still be able to get skills.
  17. +1 It could only show on examine, and say... It slopes up 4 to the North and 6 to the East.
  18. I'd offer 10s for that rare carving knife? I don't have 12 at the moment.