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  1. I had this trouble the first time I went prem.... I just registered a new card temporarily to PayPal, then removed it. My normal PayPal card worked fine the next time.
  2. HECK NO!!! This would make affinity farming even easier..... play on freedom, get the affinity, go prem for 1 month+5s, have your main waiting at the BL spawn point to kill a batch of noob alts.
  3. Wurm is not advertised as a free game. In a quote from Rolf(not sure where to find it) he said something along the lines of Wurm was never intended to be free, having it free is just meant as a trial phase for whether or not the player will stay. Also, i do see your point now, and i think if the devs had any power to do this for you, they should.
  4. Oh, also lance, afaik there is still a penned venerable champ troll in Atrestos, with the new update they will probably want to let someone kill it. No idea who to contact for that though.
  5. I can take the spiders, thanks to my new 50ql chain armour(courtesy of Sakuya), if we can get a gang we should be able to take down a troll. Im thinking me, you, greyax, and some of the more experienced Free Barrons, should be able to band together and take out a troll.
  6. Well, honestly, it seems if you had any intention of paying for the game in the future, you would buy at least 1 month+5s now.
  7. So..... you want to go to freedom, as a non-prem, and you expect the devs/GM's to spend their time and effort moving your character and get no profit in return? I don't think you will get any special help with this, so if you prefer going to LOTRO instead of going prem on Wurm, go ahead.
  8. +1 for cacti, with cactus fruit that can be harvested and either eaten or fruit pressed into cactus juice, that gives water and a small amount of food.
  9. lol, Alexi, if you don't mind, could you look around the southern steppe and the surrounding flatlands and clear out trolls? They've been giving me grief while hunting for spiders and such.
  10. I say, if anything, Rolf adds extra land, and an extra spawn point WITHOUT removing the Howl as a spawn point. Although it would make exploits possible, suicide and traveling to the other spawn point, this is already possible by joining a deed. Adding the extra land could as smoothly as possible transition from overpopulated to realistically and nicely populated.
  11. I recommend joining a village, at least for a few days. Once you have been in the game for 3 days to a week, depending on how long you spend in game, you should have a pretty good idea of how the game operates and a decent bit of experience. Once you have been in a village for a week, you should have the know how to go out and survive by yourself.
  12. I love it how so many noobs make a deed before getting ANY skills ;D one new player in my area had the exact opposite approach, he had a few 30+ skills before even starting on a house
  13. No, the current wiki system is great. Otherwise, there is nothing stopping people from making an untraceable wiki account and completely destroying the wiki. Then, if someone really hated us, they could play hero and fix all the misinformation they put in there with their main wiki account.
  14. There have been a few greenish uni's in the southern part of the grand steppe
  15. Im not sure... that may be it, but I have been playing Wurm for months now with no problem, so he may have updated the program. He's a computer engineer, so he isn't just blindly installing the filter.
  16. Yah, I did, and he fixed it, but every time he reloads the settings it breaks again, anyone know a permanent fix?
  17. HELP!!! My dad has done something to make the internet filter now block out Wurm, making it impossible to play. Somehow I can get to the forums and wiki, but i cant get to the main site or launch the client. If anyone knows a workaround for this, let me know.
  18. I was on MR for a while, a male wild cat was caught and sold for around 10s, so they definitely do exist