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  1. was there even a bump for jackal? oof
  2. many many hermanos sin casas
  3. I've gotten this too. Didn't see anything obvious in the console but client stops using any download bandwidth and keeps using upload.
  4. Ignore

    yeah this used to drive me insane, give someone a timeout for a bit and then a week later you realize you've been missing half the conversation for days
  5. Looking for two of them
  6. Inde warmaster seemed fine with 7(?) people. Most of those were hypercompetent though.
  7. honestly yeah, I'd take out one of the waves, taunting (or at least put it on a much higher cooldown) and the teleporting mobs... adding random mechanics and 'interactivity' doesn't make the content more interesting
  8. Sure, but eventually new clusters become old ones. Either you merge them eventually or you end up with two separate ancient clusters for no real purpose.
  9. there's a HUGE difference between putting time grinding+building something "permanent" like Freedom versus something being reset in 6 months.. thinking the same gameplay loop is fine when the circumstances are so different is insane
  10. If anything travel is too easy these days... with the amount of teleportation options, wagoners, horse gear, hell horses, plotting course, the cheap cost of mailing... basically everything feels right next door. The most striking thing about Wurm to me was always the sense of scale and we've lost a lot of that.
  11. It's actually less than 1% chance - it's 1% ONLY if the cast is under 0 power, and this is checked AFTER the metal resistance check.