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  1. In that case, I will take the one less traveled by. (That doesn't go to Rome)
  2. Congratulations to Magaric for placing the winning bid of 28s.
  3. Bump. Also extended auction time for 3 hours so it expires when the seller is online.
  4. Gold challenge statue, 100ql (The one in the middle) Starting bid: 10s Increments: 1s Buyout:100s Snipe:30 mins Buyer: PM Akugi It is the code, not the actual statue, so it can be redeemed in either Epic or Freedom. Paypal: Accepted by seller. 1 silver= 1 euro
  5. So I am trying to put this in an auction for an item that I am selling. I have the code and everything. What all do I need to do for it to work?
  6. I will take one too Tell me whenever you finish it, I can come grab it as I know where you live
  7. Looking to buy a wagon on Deliverance I don't need any crates with it. Message with offers. No need to deliver, just tell me your coordinates and I can go up there.
  8. Climbing- Mountain Goat
  9. I would like to buy 1000 planks delivered to Southern Crystal Lake for one silver.