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  1. Suggestions for mods to do? a mod for mining and tree cutting from cart/wagon. (the felled trees chopped into cart/wagon (or bsb/crates), the mining into cart/wagon (or bsb/crate). quality levels for beds making a difference in how much sleep bonus ya get
  2. Due to life complications, I am going to try selling my Nahjo priest alt Revy. Decent Multi-tool of a Freedom priest I used for Genesis/Strongwall/Mining everything, and other things (has Mining affinity). Also did a little PVP on Epic HotS kingdom on the old Affliction map but nothing major, still HotS allied, never changed kingdoms (HotS FTW) Skills Link: https://niarja.com/skill_compare/R NOTE: Character name of R for Privacy Reasons, EPIC Skills available to serious buyers on request as do not want to public disclose them for PVP reasons. Notable Freedom Skills: Mining*: 81.85 (Rare Affinity, also worth noting Nahjo priest CAN mine!) Channeling: 35.03 Faith: 75.58 Prayer: 55.56 (Can get chance for Gems from praying) Fletching: 35.46 (Can help make arrow shafts, or arrows) Carpentry: 45.03 (For sawing boards) Stone Cut/Mason: 30.70 (Can help cut bricks) Digging: 32.35 (Can see some slope numbers for better riding) Prospecting: 40.57 (Can find ores) Pottery: 71.00 (Compasses? Mainly for SoulDepth Grinding I did) Milling: 34.00 Fight Skill: 48.04 Stats Soul Strength: 30.33 Soul Depth: 25.64 Mind Logic: 29.53 (Can sail all the boats, Almost 4 que actions) Body Strength: 27.62 Body Stamina: 27.29 Body Control: 21.02 (Can Ride Horses) Items Freedom side comes with a few things. some pickaxes, basic tools, Cloth Armor set, and a gold statuette of Nahjo. (Maybe more stuff I have laying around il toss in). Location: Far NE of Xanadu (C-23) Epic side comes with a bunch of goodies like casted tools/weps and full set of plate, is in a mostly safe location. (Have screenshot of inventory for serious buyers) Selling Information: Account does NOT currently have Premium Time Want the account to go to a good home. Serious PM Offers but money only accepted (Euro or USD to Paypal)..No trades, though I will trade for a Edelmann level Shroud of the Avatar account. (Had to try =p).
  3. 1: +1, Completely agree, Lions should be buffed a little for a little more variations in fighting. Maybe Buff lions slightly and nerf hellhounds as a possibility or make the hellhounds more rare. 2: +10, Hell hounds have always been an annoyance to me really. Little glass cannons that seem to be everywhere. Like you say the size is silly. My understanding of Medieval fantasy i never heard talk of any "hell" just witches and pagan worship so why hell-anything is even in the game is strange, and breaks my immersion for the most part. I may be wrong but I believe Hell hounds and other hell-creatures were added later and were not in the core game design. Another wemp<>hemp dilemma most likely based on my understanding of most of the community. 3: +1, Pretty much in fantasy and in real history shields with spears were common place. Also being a Hoplite in wurm would be awesome! Sandbox with many viable weapon options would be nice, not just longsword or some other inferior weapon to the longsword. Maybe that will come in a few years when the combat reshuffle gets here.