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  1. I'll be arriving on my priest, Aisteraina.
  2. I will be there.
  3. I'll be there on Aristia.
  4. First and only supreme I've made is a supreme huge axe.
  5. This, a lot. Pop-culture referenced titles are really lame, especially when one gender gets a normal title, the other gets the pop referenced titles (butchering titles, FS titles, etc) that are borderline silly, (70 body comes to mind - which doesn't even make sense for females). Keep pop-referencing titles to the 100 titles, make 50s, 70s and 90s titles more relevant to the game and lore that surrounds it.
  6. Really hope the female equivalent is not the same. That would be awkward to say the least.
  7. Did some quick testing on what Rose said, there is zero skill gain ticks being given and the chance to hit has been severely tampered with that makes skilling catapults near impossible, if what ErikN has written is suppose to happen. Please revert it back to what it was - this just does not work, catapulting with 80kg weight should be easy to achieve the max hit, not a lottery as to whether you ever hit at all, nevermind ever get a skill tick again.
  8. Ovens could be improved by adding the same volume of space as forges (a big reason nobody makes them... You don't want to waste more time lighting even more ovens than you would forges.) Otherwise as Amadee said, complex recipes giving an actual bonus to nutrition and decay lessened. HFC is already an expensive skill in time and sheer volume of materials needed, especially if you intend to max out HFC; nerfing the skillgain would caused one of the biggest - and most devastating windows of opportunities in years.
  9. This... so many times over, the name you make in this game is so important for so many reasons... It's one of the reasons wurm is wurm, you carve a name for yourself, it appeals to the sense that this is a sandbox. Name changing destroys this.
  10. No, this opens up too many issues with every aspect of the game, does not matter if they are traceable or not. It will only help those with bad reputations escape their pasts, removing a key element to this game.
  11. Cerber in a nutshell then! Grats Cerber.
  12. -1 All around. This is fundamentally a bad idea, skill decay was taken out because it limited players heavily to what they could do. This would just make those who have invested months of time into getting high end skills be the ones to lose out heavily as they'd start losing all their hard work for no reason other than playing. That doesn't even take into account the knowledge meditation tree that stops all skill loss (outside fight skill) entirely.
  13. Agreed, a partial fail is not within a specific QL range to generate a skill tick, a partial fail (i.e, not your skill or 1.00 (a fail)) will still be generated no matter the QL. The idea of a QL limit is a rumour and if you mine for a while at a higher level ( over 70+ ) you'll notice it a lot more. This should of also been put in the talk page for mining, as its pure speculation and not actual facts, misleading to newbies who read the page.
  14. Just reading this list i can find one key issue - only high QL resources would mean people would be going there to grind said resources and walking home with them, you cant realistically limit portal use without pretty much killing the event there and then as people will hop back and forth repeatedly throughout an impalong. This would go further in hand with rarer veins where people would just abuse it to restock their homes, smelting down silver and gold gives you a 0.1kg lump, you could walk away with a large amount in theory. I don't agree with the separate server however, it was only lag filled this year because 1.0 brought out two memory leaks that combined made any player gathering a lag filled mess; it's a knee jerk reaction to then go and drop the community element of it (i.e., hosting) just because a single years issues. Last year the impalong had many more in local at one time which didn't cripple the event and I'm sure the years before that were similar. It should also be noted that, a host for next years impalong should be known to the community as a whole, not just your neighbours vouching for you - it still doesn't mean the community knows you and can rely on you to keep only trusted players on writs to keep it running smoothly, and solve any issues at hand. Location should be on Independence, possibly in the south of the map as a counter to all the newer servers being stacked to the south of the server; As to why it should be is because whilst it looks like a longer trip from say, Exodus to Independence, it still takes anyone who lives on Independence longer to sail home than it does to sail to Exodus or Celebration. Another reason as to why Independence needs to be central is because of the huge portion of the premium player base living on Independence, more players play on Independence than Exodus and Celebration combined.