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  1. Added to the map, thank you.
  2. Both added to the map, thank you.
  3. It would seem this one was missed, it has now been added, thank you for pointing that out! All have now been added to the map, thank you!
  4. Both added, thank you for the info!
  5. I'm so sorry for your losses, @Stormbladeand @Jabirta- I've spoken to Stormie a lot over the years, unfortunately I've not had the pleasure of meeting Jabirta properly yet. Storm has been so excited about his home for a long time now, giving plenty of updates as things have progressed, and with how many times we've spoken about the silly antics of our respective pets, its heart breaking to hear the news about the entire situation. I hope you both are able to bounce back from this and I look forward to the time I can talk with you again. (and hopefully meet Jabirta properly!) You are both in my family's thoughts.
  6. Thank you, and added to the map.
  7. Spoke with Hvergi, your deed is added.
  8. Any and all tower information will be great, you can check under the Special places layer to check if it is on the map. It is also helpful if a tower decays and that is also posted!
  9. Thanks for both deed and tower data, all the ones that were not already on the map, have been added.