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  1. Maybe I'm missing something stupid here... I added common.jar to my build path (using eclipse) and made a class "MapTest" and copied the example from the first post. It seems like the classes WurmAPI and MapData aren't in the jar? I have classes under: com.wurmonline.mesh.* but not those under: com.wurmonline.wurmapi.api.* WurmAPI cannot be resolved to a type MapData cannot be resolved to a type Is there another file I'm missing? Nvm, I found it. Stupid me lol.
  2. Nobody. I was just trying to understand this particular aspect of the explanation.
  3. I think a procedural map generator would be better, makes everyone's experience unique
  4. I would assume Java as well, but it could be anything I suppose.
  5. Just my opinion but... "Learn The Game In A Safe Sandbox" doesn't make any sense. How does playing the game in an environment where things are sped up, you have GM powers, and there are fewer people change how people learn the game? What's safe about it? If you're a new player exploring for your first day, you don't have anything to lose. In the current game, if you die you respawn, and you can pretty easily go back to your corpse... even as a new player. Sure you can't teleport back, but that's a huge part of the learning experience. The first time I played I ran long and far, died, and respawned... decided to join a small village near the starter town. The fact that I did die is what caused me to make that decision, which ultimately taught me way more about the game than playing on a private server would have. I don't think people quit because they get discouraged by the difficulty in the beginning... I believe they leave because things may not be well explained to a newbie. In game community is a huge part of learning the game. Where's that community in this? The solution to the learning part is not to give them an alternative way to learn the game. The solution to this is to make the tutorial better, and quite possibly have a better help system that aids new players when they try new tasks, and point the player to popular youtube videos and wurmpedia articles. And as for gaining more attention... releasing the client to steam would have been more than sufficient in my opinion. But this? I don't have my hopes up for this... but I really hope I'm wrong.
  6. I have a question. Will "premium" be free after this? Why would anyone pay for premium if they have free (well, one-time pay) version?
  7. I think this is by far the worst idea I have ever seen... just release it on steam. Don't release a separate version like this.
  8. Ok, thanks guys. Been helpful.
  9. Hmm, I'm getting mixed answers lol
  10. So, I've been using dual longswords since I started playing (well, since I got them anyway), and I just hit 50 FS, and on Freedom. A friend of mine told me dual wielding them is not worth it, but a different friend (back when I was a total noob) told me it was a decent option. Should I switch out for a shield + longsword? Or something else?
  11. Hmm... if I do that I think I should find a horse. Would still prefer a ride if it's doable.
  12. Got a ride. Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn't really sure where to post this. I'm coming back to wurm after not playing for a while. I was going to wait for Xanadu and create a new character, but I decided I wanted to use my old character, and my brother has started a little village on Independence. Problem is, I'm on Celebration, my old deed is decayed and rebuilt by someone else, didn't see anybody online, I have no tools in my inventory, and no boat to my name. I was hoping somebody could give me a ride from Celebration up to Independence. I have some money, so I can pay the fare, though I don't have access to a token thing to withdraw it yet, however my brother has money and can mail it if need be. Dunno how much something like this costs though, so let me know. From Hidden Cove on Celebration (see X): To Anywhere in Independence, but preferably near this X: If this is an unreasonable distance, I'll take any ride to a more northward server for now and get there gradually.