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  1. it depends on the buyer, there is a lot of stuff that comes with it, I have one or 2 bsbs that are not completely full, it comes with a lot I have currently about 25s in the coffers, I want opinions, Honestly i do not think I can take less then 70s an I am sure it is worth a lot more than 50s, that is kind of the ball parkish figure i can come up with atm.
  2. Yeah very sad That I have to sell it, It's not something I want to do, But I am a large village of only one
  3. You may pm me here in the forums for more info
  4. Rancid Acres Farm Is up for sale. There are tons of stuff from carts to wagons to a corbita. I have about 15 5 speed horses, about 50 horses in total, 30 sheep, 40 cows, about a dozen bison with traits starting to pop out. The Farm is 46 by 119, its 11s 92i per month I currently have 36 days of upkeep I am going to add more. I have no pics as my old pc crashed an this is a new one. But I will show you around if interested. there are about 30 bsbs full of everything I have 4 fsbs full Plenty of stuff to keep a few people busy for a long time. If you are interested in looking at the farm message me an I will show you around. There is also a good iron mine an a good gold mine with many viens left to grind with. Thanks for reading Oh the cords are H 20/21 on the ingame map. Its a decent water front.
  5. I will bring my Fo priest, He is only at 45 faith but he can still heal players, See you there.
  6. Having musical instruments an the ability to "compose" write your own scores, We have all the materials to already do such. It will take skills to write the scores an to play them. Musical instruments Such as a mandolin flutes harps snare drum the bass drum an ext.... We already have reed pens an parchments.
  7. I want to buy 30 silver coins for 30 Euros. Pm me.
  8. Korin tower isn't there no more as I own most of that land.
  9. Feel free to talk to Gackomas Or myself in game an we can see what we can do to help you