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  1. Valrei International. 087

    In case you haven't noticed, Wurm is kingdom vs kingdom on almost every issue because the powers that be refuse to give us a level playing field with clear and concise rules and penalties. There seems to be an ulterior motive in almost every decision from development to rules. In a competitive environment, when you are playing against staff in any capacity you will always wonder if they are using their position to change outcomes, consciously or not. That doubt alone ruins the experience and its shameful that after all this time they still appear to either be not cognizant of or don't care about about the implications and defend the idea because they are volunteers. Make a choice staff or player, not both. Instead they should be invisibly observing pvp behavior as a major part of their job, uninfluenced by "friends" in the arena.
  2. Valrei International. 087

    None of the staff should pvp, ever. Even CA's can see information that can potentially affect pvp outcomes.
  3. Valrei International. 087

    Wurm of Duty goes on sale July 11th, reserve your copy now! What a joke.
  4. Fix the AH code already!

    We better take what we can get at this point, the devs that handled big overhauls no longer work for the company. That's a silly statement, why would someone be mad at getting more abilities for higher skill levels? The entire game is based on this premise. If they are getting mad now over an AH improvement maybe they need a checkup from the neck up. AH is no where near as complex as meditation, you are talking apples to oranges orangutans.
  5. Fix the AH code already!

    Good idea, or even go so far as locking traits once you hit 90 AH, say 7 traits lockable and 2 random traits so you still get variations of traits and colors.
  6. Enhance game fun

    To be fair, skeletons should replace black bears in as cave spawn.
  7. Simple Fix for Uniques

    1. Only those who damage a drake or dragon get hide or scale. 2. Chances for tome drop increases substantially with more premium accounts in local with maybe even 2 tomes dropping with especially large events. Single charge tomes randomly drop to people in local, like potions, at certain player count thresholds too. If you really want to get crazy, the more premium accts that attack the unique the chances also increase for more tomes but you will get less hide/scale per person. 3. Encourage penning and planned events, however, the Unique must be killed within 14 days of capture or it respawns elsewhere on the server.
  8. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    Dragon drama isnt new, people fight over scarce resources, its human nature. The failure here was the creation and fair enforcement of rules regarding the matter by the staff. It is very unfortunate they seem to enjoy these grey areas that allow hypocritical rulings as they make their decisions based on the participants.
  9. Everyone has the same opportunity to loot a deed as it disbands, so there is no point in removing the messages. If you choose not to do your homework then that's on you. The sooner the deed is looted the better, why delay because of laziness?
  10. Simple Fix for Uniques

    They better learn how to swing a huge axe too. *Or any other weapon type they so desire to use to survive in wurm, jeeze
  11. Simple Fix for Uniques

    I was just formulating that idea as well, the tomes will still go to the deed/corpse owners but they will have a choice to make, more tomes or more hide/scale. OP edited with this suggestion.
  12. Simple Fix for Uniques

    I think the people who pen and plan the slaying deserve special loot, so I disagree with your suggestion.
  13. Again, deed it or lose it. Salvagers reduce the clutter and extra items on servers, like it or not they are contributing to the health of the game.
  14. How is it anyone else's fault if your deed disbands? Are you supposed to wait till everything of value decays before you salvage items from a deed disbanded? If you see something laying on the ground off deed do you just ignore it since you abhor deed looting scumbags? Its a pretty clear indication when a deed disbands that the people in the village aren't really playing the game at that deed location considering they get 30 days worth of village messages alerting them to put in upkeep. Deed it or Lose it!
  15. -1. If you want to discover abandoned deeds at your own pace and maybe a few uniques you can always roam around Xanadu. On smaller servers someone may be waiting to expand their deed with the new land that becomes available and not want to wait for a no-build zone to disappear. Any suggestion of a no-build zone in a sandbox game, especially wurm, is asinine and lazy.
  16. Valrei International. 086

    It will be a huge mistake if impossible to locate Uniques are still designed to destroy structures and fences on deed. What happens when a player with prized animals like champ dogs or champ deer is away from their deed and a unique happens to spawn closeby that procedes to rampage their deed and as a result sets all their animals free? It has happened before.
  17. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Don't get it twisted, the reason the playerbase is shrinking has absolutely nothing to do with RMT.
  18. Wsa silver sales and safety

    The last time this happened was over 4 years ago, please stop panicking. No one is forced to used real money to buy from players so nothing needs to be changed. Buy at your own risk is a sound policy.
  19. Wsa silver sales and safety

    To add to the PSA: The rash of offers today was suspect and here are the ones I found odd. If you are legit just pm me and I'll edit you out of my post. [2019-06-20] [14:36:52] <Khalil> (Xan) WTS 200 silver coins Paypal VERIFIED. 1:1 USD ratio. [2019-06-20] [14:38:33] <Khalil> (Xan) wts 2 gold coins paypal verified 1:1 ratio USD [2019-06-20] [14:51:52] <Khalil> (Xan) wts 2 gold coins paypal verified 1:1 ratio USD [2019-06-20] [14:53:26] <Khalil> (Xan) wts 2 gold coins (200s) paypal verified 1:1 ratio USD [2019-06-20] [14:53:10] <Sohmet> (Exo) WTS Silver coins 1s = 1e [2019-06-20] [16:11:02] <Sohmet> (Exo) WTS Silver coins 1s = 1e [2019-06-20] [17:12:46] <Sohmet> (Exo) WTS Silver coins 1s = 1e [2019-06-20] [15:11:38] <Dracora> (Xan) WTS silver coins PST [2019-06-20] [15:25:21] <Dracora> (Xan) WTS Silver Coins [2019-06-20] [15:35:31] <Kreloz> (Ind) WTS silver coins [2019-06-20] [15:38:15] <Kreloz> (Xan) WTS silver coins [2019-06-20] [16:54:40] <Grandwizard> (Xan) WTS silver coins PST [2019-06-20] [17:24:23] <Livelle> (Xan) wts silver 1:1 paypal USD [2019-06-20] [17:35:05] <Odynn> (Del) WTS suspicious silvers - don't PM me... or maybe do!
  20. Wsa silver sales and safety

    The way to fix the economy is and always has been acquisition and retention of new players. If Wurm had a bare minimum of 10,000 active players, all of this ignorant economy dribble (and pvp whining) would disappear because the economy and the community would be stable and growing. So if you are really interested in improving the economy, help find ways to attract more people to the game.
  21. Wsa silver sales and safety

  22. Mad Suggestions

    This week's (8/3/18) new suggestions: 1. Revisit wind speeds and boat speed customization. Why can't boats go 50-60 kmh in a gale? Double the speed of boats for all wind speeds, ie light breeze will be around 20. Add slots on boats to allow for cast-able sails and keels, similar to saddles on horses, where you can increase the speed of your boat with wind of ages or blessings of the dark casts in addition to higher quality. The faster you go the more damage the sails take as a trade off. 2. Add automation. If you have 90 or even 95 woodcutting skill allow the creation and use of a sawmill, you can force this by requiring the skill to "mount" the mill similar to having enough body control to ride certain mounts. Parts of the saw mill could include a still to generate the steam needed to run it, several saws, crates to store the products etc. Water and burning materials will be fuel. Instead of using a saw to cut planks off a log one at a time, the sawmill is loaded with a crate of logs and makes ~100 planks at a time for instance. Same goes for everything else you can create with a log, ie. shafts, beams etc. This idea could lead to other automation like patterns to make support beams or other items you could need 100s or 1000s of. Alleviates the tedium and there are fun ways to prevent afk spamming, like keeping the water and fuel levels right. 3. There has to be a better sound file for the pouring of water. Previous Suggestions: 1. Give something other than yellow potions for loyalty reward and/or make yellow potions a component of something better. More creativity please. 2. Add Slate, Marble, Sandstone etc mine doors. 3. Allow for bulk creation of Passata in a cauldron and any other similar recipes that are very tedious to make in bulk currently. 4. Organize buff/debuff icons by type, ie. all the food affinity icons will be next to each other, shoulder pads next to each other, etc. where applicable. 5. Allow for planting of items in walk-able depths of water, especially lamps. 6. Change how arrows and quivers work: Quivers now require a leather and 50 arrows to create and they weigh 7.25kg. Average arrow quality determines raw damage of quiver. Quiver quality determines number of shots left in quiver with 100ql = 50 shots. As you shoot your bow the quality of the quiver decreases by 2 accordingly down to 1 quality and no more shots left. Improving the quiver now requires fletching skill and effectively replenishes the shots left. Quivers can be individually enchanted with one damage spell like frostbrand, rotting touch, venom, flaming aura, or bloodthirst. No more shooting a troll on a mountain and worrying about chasing or losing your arrows you spent a week imping. You imp the arrows once as components of the quiver to determine damage, similar to how arrow quality currently determines damage. 7. Increase sailing speeds by up to 50% with wind of ages or blessings of the dark casts on sails and sail rarity. The sails would be replaceable/equipable and take damage as you travel off deed similar to horseshoes & saddles. 8. Create active Mentor villages on Golden Valley to help retain players new to the game. Activity attracts activity, right now you log in for your very first time to a very quiet and un-appealling tutorial. If there was an active village in local where people new to the game could ask questions and join temporarily, it would vastly improve their experience. (New Tutorial and starter town implemented, good job on fixing this problem) 9. Give boats a built in compass that does not need to settle. 10. An additional warning message when sailing across server borders while leading horses. 11. Marker buoys in the corners of each server to help prevent getting stuck while attempting to cross too close to the corner of the server. Buoys would have compass directions painted on them. (Sort of done - Buoys added but not placed by GM to prevent corner crossings yet, maybe players will step up and get this done) 12. Create a rune that does a genesis cast. 13. Allow the Corbita and Cog ships to load a rowboat. Allow the Caravel to load either a rowboat or sailboat. Rowboats will not take any storage space since they would be on deck. You can add a small storage penalty for loading a sailboat. 14. Revert Global Cast restrictions. Prior to this knee-jerk change, global casts were quite frequent and now they very rarely happen. At least when Yellowfinger was casting them you had a chance to be online for it. Most servers haven't had a Rite of Spring cast in over 200 days, on 2 servers it was Yellowfinger who last cast them right before this frivolous change, that is just silly. (Priest update vastly improved Global casts) 15. Allow ash to accumulate in forges etc. Instead of only 3 ash no matter how many times you light a forge without cleaning or how long it burns over 30 min, how about we get 100 ash every 30 minutes the forge etc is lit and it accumulates? Is there a nefarious use for ash or concrete that justifies the difficulty and time involved in making it? Concrete should be as easy to make as mortar, rock shards + clay. 16. Increase the combat rating and hit points of champion creatures. Give champion creatures a significantly higher chance for rare butchered parts. 17. Give the large saddle several different mounts to use it on. 18. Revert Hell Horses unhitching at old stage back to not unhitching because of age. (Sort of done with Electrum runes of FO, not sure if breeding more hell horses is less of a chore than making runes all the time. A more permanent solution to this unnecessary problem is preferred) 19. Allow creation of an uncovered wagon with same capabilities of a covered one. While you are at it, make a troop carrier where you can have 10-15 passengers. And no, this will not be a problem in pvp because once the animals pulling the carrier are dead the passengers are essentially trapped on foot. 20. Create a tool chest to store tools that greatly reduces their decay rate on deed. 21. Vastly increase the number of rift resources per rift node. With the addition of the electrum rune of fo and other similar ones where you can easily use 20-30 in no time, coupled with the poor creation and use chances for the average player, more resources per rift per player is necessary. 22. Add Skeletons and wraiths to the list of creatures that spawn in caves. 23. Automatically lead animals when removing them from crates, you lead them in already. 24. Animal distress calls - if the creature is aggressive it's calls attract other's of its type within 15 tiles. If the creature is passive it causes all other passive creatures within 30 tiles to move a bit more than usual in random directions, like sheep and deer did. 25. FSB container units and empty FSB containers just like the BSB versions. 26. Make a new electrum altar that requires X of each gem to make in addition to metal requirement and it increases the amount of favor you get from sacrificing with it by X %. Previously posted suggestions: (Actually Implemented) More suggestions to come.
  23. Links don't count for spend favor goal

    Also vesseling doesn't credit the favor you use to fill the gem, only the 5 favor to cast vessel counts. Kinda silly.
  24. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    So what you are saying is the baddies on Chaos wouldnt let a new kingdom grow and have fun pvping?