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  1. Hello. I have a refferal to sell, 6,5s. I'm on Exodus.
  2. Rare Oven

    Sorry, it's my first auction Changed to 3 days
  3. Rare Oven

    Bump, noone else wants pretty glowing oven?
  4. Rare Oven

    Hello! I have rare unfinished oven to sell. [20:44:41] You see an oven under construction. Ql: 6.1835394, Dam: 0.0. The oven needs 7 clay to be finished. Starting bid: 4s Minimum increase: 1s Buyout: 9s Sniper protection: 30 minutes Can be picked up in Sandhill (23,31) or mailed (10c for CoD)
  5. Tymon-Vynora, converting to followers and priests Sandhill (23,31) ( i can go to esert also) Warm(4) in path of love, can enlight initites to Nice Can also bless nearby altars to Vyn if necessary Time: GMT+2, usually between 18-21, sometimes earlier Contact: ingame
  6. Hello! I'm searching for someone who would give me a job. I'm a new player and I'd really love to be able to buy premium, but I can't buy it for real money :C So I need a job. I could do almost everything (if it doesn't require premium). I currently have 2s, and I need 10s. I prefer Exodus server, but I could travel to other servers if you have more work for me EDIT: I'm not searching for a place to live, I'm in a village already. Just work. Contact: PM here or in game-Tymon --- Sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning.