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  1. Hey guys. Anyone that is around from years ago will remember Mikeyyaya, founder of the awesome deed Hell's Kitchen. While we have not been in the game in a while, I have kept in touch with him over the years. Some of you may know that Mikey has been battling cancer the last few years. I spoke to him today and the cancer has advanced and he has decided not to have any more treatments. He is going to spend the time he has left enjoying his family. He asked me to let his fellow Wurmians know. Mikey has always been a great friend, and taught me a lot about Wurm. He was very patient with me and was always willing to help. I will always remember when the hubs and I first returned to the game after some time away and we had no home. He let us live at Hell's Kitchen and hooked us up with gear. He made some great weapons and armor for us and we went on many hunting trips together. All through his cancer treatments he has remained upbeat and always such a funny guy. If anyone that spent time with Mikey has memories they recall or want to share some good wishes for him, please post them here and I will pass them along.