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  1. is there a table with item ids and states out there?
  2. link is dead.... is there an active download link somewhere for this mod? i'd like to include it on my server edit foundit
  3. hey, new server with free deeds and a large modlist (as follows) * AddKingdomItems * announcer * armoury * ash produce * bagofholding * bdew's server mod tools * better dig * better farm * bountymod * bounty on burn * bulkmod * bulk separated * crafter * creature age mod * creature mod * crop mod * custom rmi mod * dig like mining mod * Discord Relay * Double bulk capacity * drake mount mod * empty trash bin * fire burn time * Fishy Tweaks * gm commands * harvest helper * hitching Post * hitch limits * inbreed warning * location command * logs * mark and recall * meditate mod * mighty mattock mod * minipets * modtreefarm * more craftables * more potables * move mod * no build limit * no mail cost * phobia mod(disabled) * pick more sprouts * prospect mod * sacrifice mod * salve mod * script runner * servermap * serverpacks * simple concrete * sindusk library * spellcraft * spellmod * Stable Master * starter gear * tabard mod * taxidermy * timerfix * threedee * treasure hunting * Wyvern Mods mark and recall only requires 10ql runes and distance is not limited by ql. live map http://redirect.pingperfecthosting.com/224614/mapviewer/ discord link https://discord.gg/PMEgAwe Rules Wheaton's Law: Don't Be a D**** No griefing, Harassment, or hateful speech, intentionally luring or baiting someone into one of these acts will only result in your own ban. zero tolerance perma ban. (for future admins) if you're an admin please keep your admin account separate from the toon you normally play on and do not spawn things or modify things for personal use. cheating is not allowed barring the Esp Mod Have fun, yes i can ban you if you complain too much about not having fun (you will be warned first) the key here is if you aren't having fun take a break. play something else, wurm can wait if this is the case. Direct connection url
  4. Hey, seeing as how unlimited is (a) not getting more updates and (b) getting its own mod launcher i was wondering on the potential for community backporting/integration of official features and how legitimate or likely to recieve backlash this is. i mean it'd be cool to have some of the online features and while i get that online and unlimited were competing the solution should have been to integrate the two into one game. though that's neither here nor there.
  5. Hi, i have a mod that creates an npc who improves items, but was wondering if there was a mod or if anyone could create a mod with specific npc types that craft but not imp. such as a cook etc. (they should come with tools but not mats)
  6. i should contact sin for a list of known incompatabilities
  7. i coulda sworn i downloaded the right update for it, anyways i fixed the better digging issue
  8. my own private server, no problems with other players
  9. Hey, this is embarrassing but i've got tons of mods and a crash i cannot figure out, any help would be appreciated Log is as follows:
  10. problem is i'm having trouble finding another server. i liked the mods and rates on calysto and several of them are no where to be found.
  11. i'm interested but the discord invite is invalid
  12. very abrasive community. i made a single complaing in the gm's alliance chat and got sniped down constantly even though i was trying to say it wasn't supposed to be a big deal and that i just made a complaint. a player who i will not name decided to call me out constantly, eventually telling me to leave. so i disbanded my deed and would not reccomend this server to anyone who actually wants to have a discussion or make a single comment that people don't like to see.
  13. throw it away, and make another loaf. you don't have to be a baker to make bread, you just gotta have luck!
  14. Impressive service, you get more than what you pay for imo definately reccomend this service