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  1. Aye 32 bit. Forgot to swap this after few attempts with java. Added runtime parameter after that and it didn't worked. Now i know why. Problem solved
  2. Hey ya I've got a problem with wurm loading. I've tried java/wurm reinstall When I'm in place with many objects, can't log in. After few seconds there's client crash In less crowded places without many structures/objects game is fine log :
  3. Sold. Fast transaction. Thanks
  4. 50s at standard rate 1s=1e. buyer pays fees ( if any ). Paypal verified
  5. 4.8 + 20c cod and i'll take it If you agree cod to Vartisalin
  6. Transaction in progress. Can be closed
  7. WTS 40s at standard rate 1s:1e Paypal verified. Player with good reputation (i belive) Edit: Fast and smooth transaction
  8. Sent. [17:24:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. More waiting for new owners
  9. WTS 30s at rate 1s:1e ( buyer pays any fees ) Paypal verified