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  1. I appreciate the quote. The search tool in this forum don't returned plow for me in no one topic. The idea behind the Animal Plow is just to "cultivate" the tile, not using the rake for it, in this way we can define a path, like pressing the key "X" and the tool makes the magic happen, you will go on a automatic walk with the animal while de tiles get turned into cultivate state. I saw some disappointments there about the author's idea, but I don't know for sure what are they rejecting, everything or just something? So this topic here has just Animal Plow.
  2. Since a tractor is too advanced for the tech of the Wurm, could we have a animal plow to tend the fields in the farm? Horse plow, Bull plow and so on. E.g.: You just have to lead the horse with the tool behind it or you can push the tool behind the animal (or animals).
  3. closed

    Come and help us mape out the server, kill the critters, occupy the lands of this mysterious Aggertine Wilderness. Soon it will complete 1 month and we haven't even a single person to ride a horse or lead a large cart. We don't have bridges yet, even roads. Sailboats? Forget it, the majority of people are rowing around or even swimming. You start with nothing but a Steel and Flint, but you can throw it away and make it harder. Or you can head to the outpost and there you will find help. By the way... The winter is coming! ?
  4. No sound

    Yes, it is. The page for download:
  5. Closed

    So you looked at the pics and aren't convinced to get into? Did you read the specs and yet don't came a conclusion? Are you hearing the call of the wurm? Stone Peaks has a new hardcore server with less than two weeks and a new one coming in the next days. Come checkout more info in the Discord and embrace a new cause with a great open minded community. ?
  6. No sound

    Thank you Batta. Your log file made think about the problem that I had too. I went to the google searching for OpenAl, I downloaded the Windows Installer and installed the library. It solved the problem of start without sound.
  7. I've never died, I don't wanna die.
  8. That little lake in F-25 below of Helheim have a village named Lesny Grod. I found this thanks the Vynora's Pike that guided me from Vynora's Harborage to Helheim, where I found Hidden too and after I headed into the woods until find Lesny Grod.
  9. I found a beautiful Avenue from Hazard Cove to Helheim(F-26 to F-25), but I don't taked a picture. It had 3 tiles I think, the center tile was in other color than the side tiles.
  10. I'm running to your Valley, but the roads don't want take me there.
  11. Or we can light the torches and make some hunt.. mauhahaha.
  12. I don't speak english very well, i yet use google translator and I don't have a premium acc. I'm returning, i had played in Release. Now i'm in doubt.. Release or Pristine? Release is newer, that is a good thing, i think. What do you think?
  13. The Obelisks for entrance is more fashion.. Nice place indeed.
  14. How i can get over there? don't have roads from Sloping Sands.