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  1. Hey! The second edition of Bonds of the Damned has started, fast PvP server actions x 100, skill x 100, we have fixed some errors from the old edition (min, no more unlimited rare bones) The server has a new map - this time the action will take place in island climate, therefore the only rule apart from categorical not building on HOTA is not to build bridges with dirt and not to obstruct sailing. The server has many mods, most of them are based on Sindusk's Wyvern Mode (more or less the same as in the first edition) Please check out discord for more info https://discord.gg/XCR3MRK, Link to the server https://imgur.com/qW4d3bp
  2. Added download link also fixed some biomes where clay and tar would spawn all over the place not just near water.
  3. Hello, this is my first attempt at making a map. I'm quite pleased with the end result. Used worldpainter and wgenerator. http://www.mediafire.com/file/u7m85uvlo7vbiwc/Cauldron.rar/file
  4. Ebonaura Reborn

    You should add some info about the server. - Skill gain / Action timers - Mods - Map
  5. Apparently if you make a suggestion to improve the server you get banned for griefing. https://imgur.com/a/gm1cQE4
  6. For some reason I was banned for doing nothing but exploring north and south part of the map. Can I atleast get an explain on what I did that was considered "GRIEFING"?
  7. It's running perfectly for me. PC is using 6.5 GB of RAM whit lots of Google Chrome tabs opened and wurm.
  8. They are 100% legit. I'm buying big titles from sites like that for many years. Never had any problem with them.
  9. Or you can get it for under 1 euro from other websites.
  10. Ahahahahahahahahaha. Duuuude.. this is the 3rd-4th time you reset the server in like 1-2 months:)))) People.. stop playing on this server where none knows how to configure it :))
  11. Client helper mod

    Hello, awesome mod. but can you explain how to use it for the basic stuff like mining, crafting, improving and stuff? thank you.