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  1. It's HOTS ever going to roam around the map and seek some fight? For the last 2 weeks whenever I pay them a visit they are all stacked in their mine like dwarves...How much can you grind???
  2. This is a good reason to not play on low skillgain servers lol.
  3. there are plenty of BL. I see atleast 2 of them online everytime at their deed.
  4. I got 100 in like 3 days or so... so is decent
  5. Also the depots spawn way too frequent
  6. The skillgain is good, the timers are wrong.. atleast for leveling.. is 5sec for 1 dirt...
  7. Any ETA on the launch?
  8. More info about the server? Rates? mods?
  9. Bump to this!
  10. OMG OMG YES!!! Pleaseee!!!
  11. Cant wait for a pvp server hosted by Ausimus! Any ETA?
  12. Some things wrong with the server: Adventure mode: all the villages from adventure mode are broken adn you can steal from them.. (someone found a key of heavens and scale armors and other rare stuff) Faith: even if praying is instant you have to wait between faith ticks. Tar: there is no tar to make a boat anywhere (we had to steal one from the spawn) Fatigue: everything is so fast and it burns trough your fatigue like crazy. (there's a mod to remove fatigue) Mobs distribution: database needs to be cleared Forage/botanize: cant be done on any tile. Needs to be set up from the server so all the tiles can be foraged from the beginning. To be added...
  13. Nice vid Moot!
  14. I just want the supertools back:((
  15. The advantages/disadvantages of spell: you can cast directly in a bsb/crate but you need favor constantly The advantages/disadvantages of wand: you can spam it pretty fast if bound to a key and you can mine to other ores too but you will have to transport the shards