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  1. sold

    offer accepted will discuss details in PM
  2. sold

    ^ Confirming this sale > Drake set and/or mittie account are still up for grabs
  3. sold

    Right... I still have enchanted items and other goodies stacked in dextrome's and mittie's bank as well... need to find a reachable settlement token but I can't sail my boat without premming my acc
  4. sold

    I'm also willing to do a live stream to show the accounts before you transfer any money to me
  5. sold

    - SOLD - The 2 characters are currently logged out together on a Corbita on the Celebration server (near Dark Port) Feel free to leave any offers here and/or mail me at Character 1 = Dextrome Bank Balance > 6 silver, 58 copper and 18 iron Meditation Progress > Observer of the path of knowledge Sleep Bonus > Frozen > 10 hours Skills dumped at 27-aug-2016 Inventory: Character 2 = mittie Meditation Progress > Giving of the path of love Sleep Bonus > Frozen > 10 hours Skills dumped at 27-aug-2016 Inventory:
  6. $400k revenue and growing

    That's not how indie game sales work though lol... usually you get like 80% of all your sales in the first few weeks. Even AAA games drop to 50% discount periodically after half a year these days
  7. Mega Mod

    That's the biggest reason I'm not buying WU yet...
  8. Mega Mod

    Still at the beginning? They released the game last month.... sure it's full of bugs, but it's the release version... lol. PS. It's really confusing when you use "Y" instead of "I" - at first I thought you ment "why"...
  9. Mega Mod

    Yeah.... you don't just "port" code to another programming language though... you basically have to rewrite the whole thing, unless the 2 languages operate within the same framework - in that case some automatic conversions might be partially possible (such as vs + OpenSceneGraph is just a 3D Toolkit based on OpenGL. You can't just switch to an "other renderer" and expect everything to work. You can keep the logic but you're gonna have to rewrite your rendering code.
  10. Mega Mod

    Yup, of course you can develop your very own custom client. But that's quite a big undertaking...
  11. Yea but I think releasing a stable version of server side source code once every quarter or so would probably be a lot less effort than developing a fully working bug-free API with everything we could possibly need for modding.... especially with the limited wurm dev time, right?
  12. WTS trader deed on celebration

    DK Forest (X25Y7) - looking for 25 silver or best offer +5s extra if you'd like a deed holder that has been premiumed in the past (so account won't get deleted due to inactivity)