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  1. Yeah...I have never had a problem with "spoilers" in Wurm - the vast majority of "help" comes only when you ask for it... "Public sharing of lists or collections of recipes can and will result in moderation actions being taken, so please be sensible and considerate. Once it comes to Wurm Unlimited we will allow the postings as long as spoiler tags are used." This seems stupidly harsh and I don't appreciate it. #wurmisnotmydaddy -.-
  2. Easter Impalong

    Twas fun; glad I went and saw everyone. We should make it a yearly thing (at least!).
  3. I agree!! It's PVE...all deeds/roads should be on the map. It's hard enough as is to navigate between the trolls, spiders, and birches!
  4. Enter me please. Thanks for the giveaway Ulviirala, cool idea.
  5. What a nice idea! I'd like to enter.
  6. Same here. It just doesn't feel "worth it" to have a Mag priest.
  7. #7 Iron Saw 91QL Botd 98 5s ====================== CoD'd to Mandi please, thanks!
  8. Could I please get: 26QL Shovel W/ 78 CoC- 65 Copper and 70QL Trowel W/ 75 WoA- 60 Copper COD'd to Mandi? Thanks! *edited cause Nord got to the pickaxe first!
  9. Could I get: QL69 butchering knife, iron - CoC80 WoA61 - 1.5 silver COD'd to Mandi? Thanks!
  10. Could I get: Rake, iron, 23ql, 72coc => 70c Saw, iron, 69ql, 53woa, 43coc, => 70c Cod'd to Mandi please?