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  1. -1 if you can stay online all day you dont need additional sleep powder/bonus outside of what is provided already. wurm is pay to play, but not that way. lets be satisfied with the 2 sleep powders were given for FREE when we prem with $ and the additional powders that are high in supply on the market now, as opposed to before all that.
  2. if its good for the player count, i am for it.
  3. 1. i think mag priests have too many passive combat buffs and are imbalanced as they are used unfairly in pvp with little or usually no aid from followers. 2. They need to be toned down and/or other kingdoms given passive combat abilities. make mag fulfil their intended support class to bring balance to pvp and not overextend their intended roles. currently a small groups of priests power eclipse the power of a champion in order to make people not want to champ, circumventing the champion penalty by priest zerg/primary fighters; this change would bring balance to all kingdoms. thank you for the chance to hear our voices.
  4. i mentioned earlier i think all priests should be able to sacc statuettes for 1.5-2x favor, but i see no reason to meddle with the current system.
  5. some priests are better for enchanting, others better at combat, dictated by the roles of their corresponding kingdom which taps into game lore. priests are the supporting tools that give difference to the kingdoms and give them unique tools to be the cat or mouse, not cat-mouse. if were all the same may as well go pve (where lib doesnt exist and they are all the same aka no mice) imo and ignore lore and merge priests abilities. if priests has the same role across the board i could understand that, but they have different jobs in different kingdoms, its comparing apples and oranges. They are just different. please stop trying to make fruit punch out of chaos.
  6. cats don't chase cats they chase mice. there is no reason to diminish all the differences between kingdoms and priest, only ensure a balance exists between them. every mechanic does not require an immediate balance!! stop nitpicking. let WL be the cats and BL stay mice and let them keep the tools that differentiate the two. just because 50 cats want to be mice, doesnt mean we should kill all the mice so that desire is no longer real.
  7. i am in shrimps screenshot, finally famous!
  8. leave the favor items alone, and increas value to statuettes of gods? theres an idea
  9. once again focusing on the smallest aspect of something to make a sideshow and ignoring the real problems just to take a quick jab. you're not helping. what i meant to say when i said chaos was "wurm pvp"
  10. balance doesn't mean give everyone equal access to everything. when you join BL or WL specifically you are dealt different hands, but play the same game (for WL the game is territory control, for BL the game is survival. eachgiven tools to make both easier for good reason/this creates rivals and roles for the players). youre given different tools but none of them are supposed to be so powerful that nothing can negate its effects. you're all looking at small microscopic aspects of pvp and wurm and asking for immediate counters or balance, take a step back and look at the big picture and you'll see there is a need for differences between kingdoms and their surrounding mythologies and diminishing them harms the game. This is still a role playing game, with roles to fulfil. when we overextend our roles or merging abilities the balance of the entire game is thrown off. a lot of recent changes have been made which do exactly this, give players abilities outside of their intended roles which is dictated by the game lore and is designed to allow the players to immerse themselves in the game world through their character. ignoring this and wanting everything stomps all over the intentions of chaos and makes it really hard to find a balance when you ignore the origins or baseline. equal balance makes different roles impossible,.
  11. we are BL, its supposed to be easier for un to generate favor.