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  1. Silver only on the bones? I'll take one either way and I'll pm details
  2. I agree with egard 250-300
  3. I did this on a new character recently, When I started 1-70 it took 8 hours roughly, maybe a little quicker. Like others have said: Get to 21 BC Get good gear, plate atleast, LT 2 hander or even an LT 1h/shield. Ride a horse and murder basically everything even at 1 FS, except trolls and some greenish creatures. Once you get 30-40 fs and have LT don't avoid most champs either, except trolls and lava spiders and perhaps scorps/crocs. Also if you write a guide please stress how much LT and MS is worth it.
  4. +1 to this idea, would add a little to the economy if it stacks with steel. Maybe a max of 20-30% damage reduction from use. It should be a mag and libila enchant imo.
  5. +1 to creation ql but not faster imping.
  6. WTB gold coin, or silvers but preferably 50+ silver
  7. Looking to buy any rug except exquisite. Please pm on forums to contact me
  8. depending on the demand I'd say 150+ easily. It's not far off from being worth a butt load. If some key skills were topped off it would be worth a lot more
  9. Honestly as a new player, the only bad choice may be elevation. If you think you may develop an inclination towards pvp you could start on an epic cluster home server. (Affliction, Desertion, Serenity) Of those Affliction may be the least beneficial in regards to a new player enjoying the game. There are multiple freedom servers and you could basically take your pick. I would recommend scouting out the recruitment threads and find a village that will commit to teaching you the game.