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  1. Can you tell me what OS you're trying to run this on? Windows or Linux? I think the reason you're getting this error is because WUA can't read/write to your Wurm Unlimited databases. If you're running it on Windows, please make sure IIS_IUSERS and Users have read and write permissions to the sqlite folder for Wurm Unlimited. Thanks! And I'll add these to the roadmap that I put somewhere on my computer Should probably move it to GitHub. When you say sort, would you like some checkboxes that you can check/uncheck to show the different types of tickets? As for players online, I was trying to get that working in 1.0 release didn't have too much time spending on getting it working so left it out. Would you or anyone on the forums know if the RMI has a method I can call to get a list of players that are online or would I have to code it in? Added to the roadmap
  2. I updated the release 1.0.0 on GitHub, fixed the bug with the header.php file so you don't have to download everything. Just download / copy & paste the header.php
  3. Awesome! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help smooth out the process for you guys to integrate it.
  4. Thank you! Sorry for the confusion, I should probably put that in the ReadMe on Github that those files are included in the zip file. As for wamp, you shouldn't have to set your wamp to localhost / port 80. That shouldn't affect it's connection to your server as long as you put the servers internal ip so in the config file.
  5. v1.0.0 has been released! View the changelogs @ NOTE: The config.php file is different, it has been updated and you will need to replace it! The only thing you have to edit is the $servers array In the $servers array you will see "serverId", this "serverId" is your wurm server Id which can be found on the Wurm Unlimited Server launcher in the "Local Server" tab or "Server Neighbors" if you're adding multiple servers. View the Readme on GitHub for more information.
  6. The only way they would be able to add this is if they included a web server along with the WU server because as of right now WUA needs to communicate with the SQL files directly. I haven't taken a look at what they offer with the WU server but CS and I talked briefly and I believe they're looking for a tool that does everything over RMI instead of relying on SQL files.
  7. A new release of WUA is right around the corner! I have just committed all of the changes I've been making to WUA to GitHub so if you can't wait go ahead and download/start using it. Be warned that this isn't the final stable release so you may or may not run into issues. If you want to see how WUA looks like so far and what features been implemented, here are screenshots of it: All that being said, I am planning on releasing a stable version by end of this month.
  8. Great idea! Yeah that's was the only reason why I chose PayPal as the first payment system to add but wasn't sure if there were any others that could work.
  9. Well let me clarify, this is going to be a store any one that is hosting a wurm unlimited server can use for their servers to allow players of that server to buy in-game items or money and stuff like that. It has nothing to do with Wurm Online.
  10. Hello Wurmians, Once I have released version 1.0.0 of WUA I'm going to start focusing on creating a store system where players will be able to buy whatever you allow at whatever price you want. So the thing I want to ask you guys and gals is, other than PayPal what other payment system should I include with WUStore, I know there are a bunch out there and many people prefer different ones, so rather then me deciding which ones to have, I rather have you guys to come up with a few payment systems. WUStore will be written in PHP as well, but I'm still debating if I want to develop it in ASP.NET C# or not. I wrote WUA in PHP because PHP can run on almost any system, but ASP runs perfectly on Windows but not so perfect on Linux, it can be made to run on Linux but requires a lot of server tweaking. From what I gathered, a lot of servers are running on Windows so does it make sense the store should be written in ASP or do you guys think it should stay in PHP? Thanks everyone! -Sonu
  11. New features that I will be adding for 3.0.0-Alpha release Viewing in-game support tickets Supporting multiple servers 3.0.0-Alpha is going to be the last release as of right now, if anyone has any must-have features WUA should have before the 1.0.0 release let me know now otherwise after this release I'm going to stop implement features and go into refactoring to make the application performance a lot better and smoother. That being said, once 1.0.0 is released I'll be adding new features here and there as people suggest them to me.
  12. Just released version 2.0.0-Alpha! View changelog
  13. Hey Eject, WUA wasn't made to be hosted on a separate server, the way this tool has been coded, it expects you to have WUA and the wurm server on the same server box. You can make changes in the code to allow you to do what you're trying to do but it's not going to work right out the box.
  14. What platform are you using to host the website? Like apache or IIS? Windows or Linux based?
  15. Issue fixed! The problem was the sqlite folder in the wurm server didn't have the correct IIS permissions.
  16. These are the requirements: LAMP/WAMP, Nginx, or UniServer Zero XI running PHP 5.5.0 or higher Ability to change php.ini to allow the extension: php_pdo_sqlite.dll
  17. Did you update the config file? When you go your wua homepage on your local install are all the "results for database file checker" green and say found? Have you enabled sqlite in your php.ini?
  18. What action did you try doing that caused that error?
  19. I have just released a working version of WUA on GitHub. To download, click here The file includes two(2) folders, mods, and website. Extract the contents of the mods folder into your wurm server mods folder and extract the contents of the website folder to wherever you will be hosting this tool from.
  20. Hey, yes it's still being worked on (slowly). I haven't pushed any updates to GitHub yet but in the next few weeks I should be releasing the latest version.
  21. Also, I'm back! Well, kind of. I have a lot more free time now so I will be doing updates to this tool when I can. My first step will be making a mod so you guys don't have to upload the files into your server.jar. So, since I've been gone for awhile, not sure if the tool still works or what kind of bugs have been introduced by WU getting more updates. If you have any errors or not working at all please let me now here or on GitHub via issues: I will be spending the weekend getting everything setup again to continue development for this tool.
  22. No, in your server folder there is a server.jar. What you want to do is drag the 3 files that are in the folder I supplied into your server.jar -> com -> wurmonline -> server -> webinterface.
  23. No I haven't had any time to do anything related to WU for the past month. Just been super busy but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be less busy, but if you or anyone else would like to turn it into a mod the WUHelper is on github ( and this includes all the changes I have made to the webinterface classes. What exactly are you trying to edit? And some of the player related settings require the player to be logged in for them to take affect.
  24. No worries That's one of the things I tried doing before releasing 1.0.0 but for some reason I couldn't get it to work, not sure if I was even doing it correctly but hey if someone wants to make a mod for it then go for it