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  1. Welp, you can add me to that list too. Connection issues in Texas (US) too. Get a good host like nfoservers.com
  2. Enki New Head Gm

    Enki Is truly the best gm I rember back in the GV days when i got stuck in a house and he just pulled my heart our lol fun times.
  3. Thank you Xallo! Thank you So much!
  4. Thank you Xallo! i will have to do it later sadly because ubuntu is hating on me and wont uninstall!!!!
  5. its not even starting giving the downloads.
  6. i did what the thing said it did do that and it didnt work
  7. The website wont let me download the wurmres.jar etc.... and wont download the client.
  8. My client will say its starting up but it wont download the stuff from the website so i cant get into the client.
  9. I think you guys really don't appreciate what they do for you they sit around and do this stuff for us all day and all y'all do is hate. They dont HAVE to do this, they don't have to be a wurm developer and they dont have to take your **** they help develop the game rolf owns it, they can feel free to do with it what they want, just because you pay any money doesn't mean you own the game. Jesus Christ. They have prioritized models and animations for a long time and they needs to be finished before they go onto the next thing , Now Stop hatting.
  10. I would like to suggest that any guard tower within 200 tiles of a converted deed be converted with it, since no one else can convert it but that kingdom because if it being within 200 tiles.
  11. They cant the host has to fix it, he has tried to fix it before it didnt work.