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  1. Good day. I like the look of this vs livemap. The issue I have, and I think a few other players / server owners, is that a lot of servers don`t like the fact that it shows you mob locations (minimap dots). Is it possible for you to release a version without it ?
  2. WurmNode

    Good day. @Drogos Thanks for the work you have done so far Love the skills having a color by skill range. As someone whom have been using Niarja for a while here is my list of features I would love to see implemented as you have time for them. (some have been mentioned by others) Mark a character as private (only owner can view) Wurm unlimited servers as an option (gonna have a few to add) Niarja had it as a seprate subsection and then server Skill graphs over time (ignore the pits , those are from bad dumps that i was unable to delete) Import CSV from Nairja dumps (I am willing to give you mine so you can check format) -- date time timezone , skill , skill , affinity level Lines from dump : 2020-05-29 10:41:00 UTC,Mind,39.084625,0 2022-07-30 10:02:00 UTC,Mind,94.92988,5 Detect bad dumps / delete bad dumps. (massive skill drops vs previous upload , small file size) For your tools I can also suggest making a Unlimited of your "Upcoming harvest" where you paste the /time and it tells you the upcoming harvests. THANK YOU.
  3. I am glad to see that some of the ideas from Mods of Wurm Unlimited are making it over to Wurm Online. The treasure map mod is a lot of fun and makes us get of deed and explore. The way its done in Unlimited is you get a general direction and distance (think locate soul) so the map version for Online may be a bit easyer. I know the Online community will enjoy it. I also hope that the chess set saves the position of the pieces so you all can pick it up and play later.
  4. One of the uses of the console command is to have custom distances set per character. My default is 350 which I override to 500 for the main. Edit the .....\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\players\<char name>\autorun.txt and add the render_distance <distance> to it. You can also set the config group by editing the autorun of it. ......\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\configs\<config group\autorun.txt
  5. OLD GPU test AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2ghz) 16.0GB Ram Windows 10 Nvidia 9600GT OC 512MB (Yes that is from 2008) Disabled = ~58FPS At 350 distance = ~45FPS At 500 distance = ~20FPS Tested while standing still, looking over a river at trees across the water. Snow/rain gives me a bigger FPS impact than the 350 distance setting.
  6. @AldurWhen you have dump on "Save skills on exit" enabled (under Text in settings) it sometimes happens when your client crashes that the latest skill dump is empty or partial. One of them is " Skills dumped at 2 June 2021 ----- " with NOTHING after that.
  7. @AldurSorry for the late reply , I don`t use the forums a lot. Another player also suddenly starting having the issue of it not reading the Animal Husbandry. We figured out it cause there is a broken skill dump , clearing the folder and forcing a dump via in game console fixed the issue for both of us.
  8. @AldurThank you for making Wurm Assistant. I am a new user and after sorting a few issues I had I can clearly see why almost everyone on the Unlimited server I play on recommends it. While you are busy making a new version/update can you please also look into allowing the user to add custom traits. The Unlimited server I play on has a custom trait "It has very good grip." that allows animals with it to go up steeper slopes and this we consider it a "speed like" trait.
  9. Good day. I am new to WA and I am having an issue with Granger bugging out with default horse colors and not adding horses of such colors. Error : [16:53:57] > Error > WurmApi > PublicEventInvoker: EventMarshaller has thrown an unhandled exception on instant handler invocation > Existing CreatureColorEntity with Id: Brown is flagged ReadOnly. Assistant version: 3.3 Stable-win R110 Game version : Wurm Unlimited [Beta Branch] Windows : Windows 10 Pro Colors testing that gives the error: White ; Brown ; Grey and black Colors that work : Ebony Black, Piebald Pinto, Blood Bay. Any assistant on what settings I can change to get it working will be helpfull. EDIT : I fixed this issue by manually adding the colors to the "Edit creatures list" with a small letter rather than a capital (black instead of Black) I would also like to know how to set my players animal husbandry (I have it disabled atm in the option as it keeps asking for it.) Thank you
  10. Got this one after using ALOT of Fo electrum runes to deage horses. Not sure if it is todo with how much I deage one horse or that I did a few horses.
  11. @Chakron Good day. I am having the issue again where I can`t delete bad skull dump uploads. Char : axeblade Server : KangaWU Cluster: Freedom Link : https://niarja.com/universes/kangawu/clusters/freedom/skills/axeblade Error Message : That Character doesn't exist for that Universe. Note : There is a few weird skull up due to the server giving skill gains for sacking rares + Note that
  12. 1 . Do you perhaps still have the New player boon ? 2. Are you visible ? (GM's log in as Invisible) - #invis in chat to toggle 3. Are you a Fo Priest? Priests of Fo with 60 faith and 30 favor are ignored by normal animals. (Full list of GM commands - )
  13. Thank you. Its working 100% now.
  14. Good day. When I try to delete 2 bugged skilled dumps i get the error "That Character doesn't exist for that Universe." Is there something I must do to fix it?
  15. Can Confirm what Vomusu says. Casting priest = + 5 Diff of spell per link. Linking priest = Channeling doesn`t matter. Some more info on https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Linking Some of us link on purpose so that low favor spells have a higher difficulty for a bit more skill gain. Morning Fog cost 5 favor, and has a base difficulty of 10 and can be spam casted as long as you have favor. Now add 6 links which adds + 30 difficulty and it becomes a 40 difficulty spell and thus has a bit more channeling skill gain.