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  1. Good day. I was hoping someone would be so kind as to make a mod that allows you to pick up all items in a area. A mod that does AoE for farming is already done so that could help with the base for coding (bdew's Better farming) It should only do a smallish area, like 7x7 max. Could be based on Body Stamina to "level" up area from 3x3 -> 5x5 -> 7x7. And it would be great if you can do Item groups like "All logs", "All Corpses".... And perhaps but them all in a pile at your feet. Thank you in Advance.
  2. I have tested this today. To get it working on Windows : 1. Rename the to mapgen.bat (must enable viewing extension in windows explorer) 2. Edit mapviewer.cfg with notepad (or notepad++) 2.1 change the MAP_DIRECTORY = to point at the folder of the map - for me thats MAP_DIRECTORY = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher\Adventure 2.2 change the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = to where you want the map to save (folder must exist already) for me thats OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher\Adventure\Render 2.3 save the file 3. Let mapgen.bat run 4. WAIT for it to finish 5. In the Output folder open index.html to view the map
  3. Good day. About the #chat <int color> command, what color format does it use? RGB values don`t work as RRRGGGBBB (256000000) gives us a dark brown and not Red Hex values don`t work with the The value 6e0080 could not be parsed into an integer error. Changing the Hex value to integer doesn`t even work. [14:31:37] <Starstorm> See what I mean that it's a guessing game?
  4. +1 for Jar Files please. I would love to be able to make Black hand stuff on a freedom only server without GM's having to came change the Data/auxData values
  5. @joedoboHow is this mod coming along? I would love to have it on the server I am on. Thank you in advance for making it.
  6. Good day. Our server owner is soon adding Libila Fixes to our live server on my recomendation and removing HOTS, thanks for this as it will allow us to not have Lib hermits living just outside freedom deeds. On testing it on test server we noticed that mycelium can`t be absorbed (Need to be HOTS) and there is no food and nutrition gains from standing on it. I was wondering if you can fix this or add a constant healing buff and food gain buff to Lib followers. Thank you in advance,
  7. @Jukken TYVM for the information, might get the GM's to convert one over for a cost (25s atm for a portal between town and spawn) After you added the graphics did you have to make PMK's for the custom ones or just change the data values with a GM?
  8. On Custom world map. We are still having issues with the no image. No mapping found for in console The server name is WRC - [19:21:33] Welcome back, Angera! Enjoy playing on WRC! The map name is Deleria - [19:21:34] 14 other players are online. You are on Deliria (15 totally in Wurm). Map image size is 920x620 , 24 bit depth and 622KB. I have tried map.wrc / map.WRC / map.deleria / map.Deleria / map.wrc.deleria / map.WRC.Deleria / (as suggested by console) Current test is = maps/new.png Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Good day. I was hoping to override the freedom stuff in graphics.jar with images in a custom.jar, FAILED Adding a extra group to pmk.jar, FAILED Would someone please be so kind as to add a mod that add extra recipes to allow to craft a wagon to a kingdom we do not belong too. Instance : On a freedom only server a freedom player can craft a kingdom flag with the Black Hand images (from the PMK.jar) If possible it would be nice if we can add a custom.jar pack and add max 3 "kingdom groups". (don`t like wagons will be possible , see below) Help to modder : Youtube Video explaining how to change for intace all freedom to another kingdoms images - PMK mapping can be found in PMK.jar for all but wagons For blackhand the flag is model.decoration.flag.blac and in above link that will mean blac. is their suffix. Wagons are in the graphics.jar under listed under # --Wagons -- , Due to them being .wom files I don`t think custom ones will be possible.
  10. Images section Please remove At the current time, reed still use the old look; it does not have an updated crop image. as the image is already there. Yield section. Please cleanup ,remove old striked out text.
  11. Something along the old handcarts? Or the 1 man cartbike?
  12. +1 Also perhaps a way to toggle lights on outside when a player is near and of if no on is near. -- I am thinking of Mine canals that are not on a deed and saving tar.
  13. Thank you for the Stone Chisel, iron QL_81 WoA_78 0,78s which was mailed to Sweets.
  14. Merry Christmas Gese├źnde Kersfees (Afrikaans South-Africa) I ain't creative But I can copy paste __,_,_,___) _______ (--| | | (--/ ),_) ,_) | | | _ ,_,_ | |_ ,_ ' , _|_,_,_, _ , __| | | (/_| | (_| | | || |/_)_| | | |(_|/_)___, ( |___, ,__| \____) |__, |__, | _...._ \ _ / .::o:::::. (\o/) .:::'''':o:. --- / \ --- :o:_ _::: >*< `:}_>()<_{:' >0<@< @ `'//\\'` @ >>>@<<* @ # // \\ # @ >@>*<0<<< __#_#____/'____'\____#_#__ >*>>@<<<@<< [__________________________] >@>>0<<<*<<@< |=_- .-/\ /\ /\ /\--. =_-| >*>>0<<@<<<@<<< |-_= | \ \\ \\ \\ \ |-_=-| >@>>*<<@<>*<<0<*< |_=-=| / // // // / |_=-_| \*/ >0>>*<<@<>0><<*<@<< |=_- |`-'`-'`-'`-' |=_=-| ___\\U//___ >*>>@><0<<*>>@><*<0<< | =_-| o o |_==_| |\\ | | \\| >@>>0<*<<0>>@<<0<<<*<@< |=_- | ! ( ! |=-_=| | \\| | _(UU)_ >((*))_>0><*<0><@<<<0<*< _|-,-=| ! ). ! |-_-=|_ |\ \| || / //||.*.*.*.|>>@<<*<<@>><0<<@</=-((=_| ! __(:')__ ! |=_==_-\ |\\_|_|&&_// ||*.*.*.*|_\\db//__ (\_/)-=))-|/^\=^=^^=^=/^\| _=-_-_\ """"|'.'.'.|~~|.*.*.*| ____|_ =('.')=// ,------------. |'.'.'.| ^^^^^^|____|>>>>>>| ( ~~~ )/ (((((((()))))))) ~~~~~~~~ '""""`------' `w---w` `------------' And on the Wurm unlimited topic. I came back to WO due to WU on a clients PC. Saw all the new stuff and came to check it out.
  15. Good day. I just want to confirm that I ain't missing something and that Wurm Unlimited needs to fix this issue. 1. Bridges needs 2 players to build 2. WU can be played as a single player game. Some players like me and a few of my clients (own a PC shop) plays WU as a single player game and thus are unable to build bridges. Am I missing something (like a way to solo a bridge), are they gonna patch that in soon just for WU , or are those of us who play it Solo stuck whit out bridges. I see server mods for the Priest spells that needs to be linked so that is community fixed (would have preferred a more link to gem approach)