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  1. I think you didn't get the point. If the rules were that you cannot build on a perimeter, then it shouldn't allow you to build on a perimeter. That's simple. If the game allows you to build on a perimeter and repair and imp fences, then it's considered legit. But if you do this, spend months in doing so and then all of a sudden without a notice you cannot do it anymore, then you get some frustration. It's obvious. And this is not about my matter only. I can deal with it fine. But the point of my initial post was the lack of information about incoming changes. That some things cannot be just changed without any notice right away because someone thought it's for good cause. I care about the game, and I wish it good. But I can see how these kind of changes may push players away.
  2. Alright. Maybe I overreacted yesterday. But I think it's all understandable. I've planned and spent lots of time on things which were rendered useless by some changes in the game. I am not against the changes themselves. Maybe they are good and maybe they shouldn't even allow to build on a perimeter. But what strikes me is that I wasn't warned about it in advance. If I had been informed about these changes I could have prepared for them morally and made other plans. Also, such changes should be taken with care before applying. As for why I've built my pens and farms on the perimeter and didn't go far away to free lands - I have a place, my home in a village where I live near Glasshollow and just wanted to have some farming/pens place. The village doesn't have enough place for that. I simply wanted my farms to be near me, which is a reasonable wish, I think. All the deed owners around the place were informed and had no objection to that. And yes, I know about the decay rate and I was willing to deal with it. Anyway, think the matter could be considered closed now. I will have to find other ways to deal with it. Thank you for your thoughts and participation in the subject.
  3. So, I came back after a while to this game, prem'ed just to find out that all my effort I've put into this game was a waste of time. Good job! Long story short: some time ago I settled on Xanadu at Glasshollow. I've build my pens and farms at Glasshollow perimeter which was all good. I put there my fences and repaired them and imped when needed. Just FYI, Glasshollow's never had build permission on, and it's fine, since I was able to build on the perimeter. The owner of the deed was/is fine with it too. So, after a little vacation I came back and saw some of my fences missing. And I went to rebuilding them. I put a fence back on and tried to imp it. And it told me that I cannot improve it (even I was able to build it!). Then I tried to repair old fences and got the same message. So, I submitted a ticket. A CM came, investigated into the issue and told me that I am not allowed to build/repair/imp on the perimeter if the deed doesn't allow it. BUT how come I was able to do all of these before for a year if it's not allowed to? Now, I still can build fences (even the perm says I cannot) but I cannot repair not imp it? When I asked if something has changed about it I got the answer that it's been like this for 2 or 3 years.. ????? This is such nonsense since I was able to BUILD and REPAIR and IMP fences on the perimeter just two months ago... Surely something's changed. Something in the code about it. But without any advance notice. And that probably should make me feel great about all the time I've put into my areas... NOT! Since I cannot do anything about it. The CM told me that no GM will contact me and that I shall start a thread on forums. 'Good' customer service! I must tell you - this is not the way you should attract old experienced players back into the game. I love this game. But such things just make me put it away on the shelves in hope that some day the devs would think before making such radical unthinking changes.
  4. Acaos, When you have time, update Applewell (y30 x21) icon, as it now has a mailbox! Your work is appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Acaos, thank you for the update! I'd appreciate if you add a merchant sign near Applewell (y30 x21) as well.
  6. Add my deed to the map, please, when you have time. Applewell at y30 x21 in the quad y0.4 x0.6 (at the shore line) has merchant (extended land to the sea a bit, so can move the mark upper, like y0.5) Thanks!