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  1. Aldur, Great job on the dev path, I just managed to update mine and yes, there were updates to download Woot! How can I setup notifications for support tickets or when a GM PMs me? I know that I can do it through the sounds, but what triggers do I need to put in? I don't know a GMs name before they respond, so I can't program it that way. Any ideas / thoughts on how to accomplish this? Cheers. Edit: I tried setting it up through the sound triggers, RegEx with PM and: ^((?!\<Urth\>).)+$ Also tried setting it up as a simple sound trigger with even just a [ as the trigger Neither worked - except for the RegEx ^((?!\<Urth\>).)+$ when in an existing open PM. Any thoughts? If I can get it to work I'll update the wiki as well. Cheers
  2. Aldur, I know it's belated but I wanted to stop by & wish you a very happy Anniversary! Just over 2 years since you made this thread, wow, what an amazing amount of work & transformation that has happened. Congratulations! Also, is it possible to create event timers with dates? Like we can do with the Granger options, manually put in a date for breeding, we could do the same in the timers, that way we can put in dates for deed upkeep, ROS estimates, traders etc. Rather than use a specific event we just add it manually. Have a fab day!
  3. LorraineJ, I had mine hatch before I had roosters, I've since hatched 2 roosters & 2 hens. edit: I've asked for this previously, as have a few in the ideas section, am hoping that it is in the works. Along with food bowls so can drop plenty of food down for the animals and have a slower decay rate.
  4. I have mine on fields (wemp/cotton/whatevertakesmyfancy) and I drop 10 ea seeds (mix cotton/wemp) 10 grass & 10 corn (corn to fatten them up). I have had regular egg laying and have successfully had 4 eggs hatch so far. I don't know which is the best combo for the laying but I drop every day & freshen up their food as I tend to the tiles. I didn't have any roosters to begin with, 2 have hatched so far and have had no change/impact to the process. I keep 1 hen per tile (but I already have defined pens so it's no issue). Alliance friends keep hatching roosters but drop similar food items to me. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the update Aldur Looking forward to seeing what you do unwrap for us in V3.
  6. Aldur my weekend project & through last week was building an excel sheet for boat making, so if I had orders for a couple of boats I could put the number of boats in and it then tells me the number of pieces that I need. I've been doing it in excel and i've hit a wall (mainly as I don't know enough advanced coding/formulas), I can't get my sub-components calculated with main (ie Crows nest components added to the core). Could WAv2/3 be able to do this? Boat Order: 1 x Caravel 1 x Sailing Boat 1 x Row Boat Result: Parts needed are: Planks = 12 Oars = 14 etc etc Like house building, but for boats. Here's my sheet that is semi-working (needs an explanation) with the components in there: is there a way to bring this to life in WA? Is there even an interest for it?? Perhaps putting in DoB will calculate their first breed attempt? (ie I have my spreadsheet @ 24 days) Those are just my 2 ideas this week :) Have a fab weekend.
  7. Aldur, I'm just going to go with the flow on this one You're the designer, you know what can & can't be achieved. I'm just happy to see how it unfolds and offer feedback/requests based on that. Carry On my friend!!