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  1. Confirmed by at least 10 people. Press the reboot please
  2. Slow Connection

    It's not wurm it's his ISP they are attacking. Conspiracy's actually his ISP attacking themselves to get more people to pay for ddos protection!
  3. To build a house a few stories high with a roof and no internal floors, do i just build all the floors on every tile, build the external walls and roof, then hack down all the floors? Is there a faster way to do it?
  4. Same. My toon with open ticket is crashing all the rest are fine using the exact same client profile.
  5. Noiz, so you're basically saying it makes no difference in your chance from imping a supreme to get fantastic, or creating a brand new fantastic item? Therefore, the original state of the object makes no difference in your chance. It makes sense and I'm fine with it, just wish it was explained that way by someone.
  6. I've had numerous successful drumrolls imps on a supreme 2h maul, it hasn't turned fantastic. Can someone please confirm if you can turn a rare rarer, I don't mind either way, just want to know if I'm wasting my time. Thanks.
  7. The Release crash has rolled back horse positions about 8 hours. Confirmed by a few people on Release, probably other servers that crashed too. If you're missing a horse go find it where it was 8-10 hours ago
  8. yay! my alt priest just finished his prayers, bonus prayers!
  9. My PC crashed, now my main and my alt cannot connect? (yes my internet is working fine) Is this just my issue?
  10. Freeport X17 Y15 adjoining south along shore from Slatina Lake. Merchant on deed Public Mailbox
  11. rocks back and forward sitting in the corner while mumbling "need wurm, need wurm"
  12. If I was earning $100,000 a month from a game I would probably have some kind of uptime service text or page me.