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  1. Guard tower clue specifies that the tower is of 'Freedom Isles style' when it is actually HoTS. See image.
  2. Hey all, I uninstalled Wurm to try for a fresh install because my game was consistently crashing and even occasionally bluescreening my PC (no other game or activity ever caused this). Anyway, I made a copy of my config files, keybinds, chat logs etc and then uninstalled/deleted the Wurm directory. So I download the 'WurmSetup64.exe' file and run it, select an install directory and whatever but it always fails when installing the Java Runtime. I've also tried to install the game on my laptop and I get the same error. I've tried installing it after disabling my firewall completely, I've tried it on a different internet connection. The process results in a corrupt, partially downloaded '' file in the install directory. Edit: I've also tried just installing Java manually and using the 'WurmClient.jnlp' launcher but it also doesn't work. Not sure what else could be the problem other than the Java download being faulty. Any ideas? -Ronanvv
  3. There's been a decent amount of good names suggested, even in this thread alone; sadly Rumble isn't one of them and Heartland isn't a whole lot better. As Idlamn noted, Heartland could be easily fixed as Hearthland if you're set on using it. I don't think there's any hope for Rumble though.
  4. +1 so trolls cannot get through. Even though the opening is too small for them, they somehow squeeze through.
  5. Servers As you already know, each server is a different island that you can travel in-between via boats. You may only travel inter-cluster, to get to another cluster you must use a Portal. There are two clusters: Freedom: Includes all 7 of the PvE servers as well as Chaos, which is PvP. Epic: Includes 4 PvP servers, one of which is for premium players only. It is called Elevation; note that the Epic clusters population is severely lacking. There are no loading screens between each server-island it is instant. You may travel to other servers as a free player via either swimming (unadvised, you will most likely drown) or using a rowboat, which is the only boat able to be commanded by a free player. So yes, as a premium player you may travel inter-cluster at any time. - Ronanvv
  6. No one else wants a use for toys? BUMP
  7. This suggestion aims to finally make yo-yos and puppets useful in the form of players being Jongleurs, who were travelling entertainers. They used different forms of "tools" to entertain, usually in taverns or castle courts. So, my suggestions is: Have two different functions for yo-yos and puppets: * "play with" to train your yo-yo or puppeteering skill. * "perform" to give everyone in a certain radius a buff, what that buff would be, I don't know. Performing success would take several factors into play, QL of the toy, skill level in the respective toys skill and the size of the audience. A small crowd could be disheartening, whilst too large a crowd could be daunting. Perhaps a new "entertaining" or "performing" skill could account for the ideal audience size. Also one last thing, jongleurs also commonly entertained with instruments, that would be cool. Mandolas, lutes, harps, drums, reed flutes etc. -Ronanvv
  8. Thanks Mistvengery I too would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's and I look forward to enjoying another year with the amazing people that are Wurm's community.
  9. This is the prologue for a story that I haven't written yet. We'll see how it goes. Enjoy “Life is strange and elaborate. A Tapestry of Fate, made of millions upon millions of individual threads, interwoven to create an exquisite masterpiece, we seek knowledge amongst these threads…” The priestess trailed off, interrupted by the tolling of the bells. The sermon now disturbed by hushed murmuring from within the crowd, the priestess stepped down from the elevated dais and moved swiftly to the door, her robes flowing as if made of water. As she struggled with the great wooden doors, sound flooded into the room. The faint clanging of iron, screaming and yelling. Sunlight glinted off plate metal and weapons of the combatants lower down in the city. “May Vynora preserve us!”, the priestess muttered a prayer before calling for help in securing the doors. There was a sudden outburst of talking at hearing the fear in her voice. She commands that everyone return to their positions to complete their sermon. Around the golden altar, encrusted in precious gems, the followers called out to Vynora by all her names. They ask that they be blessed by her favours before kneeling in silence. They looked up expectantly, hope turning to despair in their mouths as their offerings rot with a horrible stench before their very eyes. Shock turned to fear and questioning yells danced about the vast hall church. The commotion stopped when steel was heard grating against the stone of the steps. An unpleasant quiet before the storm… the doors burst forth to reveal a soldier, equipped with a two-handed sword and steel plate armour, splattered in blood. The figure stood there for moments before calling out to the people residing in the hall. “Convert or die!”, the townsfolk were paralysed with fear. Seeing no response, the figure drew his sword but didn’t move. The townsfolk looked on confused, expecting him to act. Their eyes shifted from the man to the steps behind him, there were countless shambling creatures moved up the steps into the hall. Grotesque, unnatural beings, trolls, crocodiles, scorpions and men, all tainted by death but still animated; zombies. From a position by the mycelium tainted altar, a young boy, smiling as the rot twisted and crawled up his leg, watched the abominations advance; watched them begin the slaughter of his friends and family. The slaughter continued on until only the young boy remained. At the commanding sing-song voice of the soldier and a motion of his hands; the dead rose. -Ronanvv
  10. Define Xanadu

    As with Kyoko above, I am now living at Eletha. I haven't experienced anymore lag than I did on Exodus, it is a nice place, quiet and vast enough to explore for a while. As for first impressions... I was mindlessly following a friends boat that was bringing all my stuff over. Actually, there was fog everywhere.