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  1. Ages of Urath

    Had to stop in and say I'm having a great time here. I have played with Razor on his LiF server and its the same great community here. This server took me away from WO and into WU. If yall are looking for a fun, friendly atmosphere with no drama then this is the place to be. Rules are enforced, there isnt the corruption you see on other servers and drama/drama makers are dealt with quickly.
  2. Will resources, such as ore veins, be randomly generated with each map creation so no two maps are identical?
  3. When will we get the server and server options information? When will we get the official compiled Faq? When will we get the released WU game information?
  4. Xanadu Map Deed: Red Moon Lagoon Owner: Zaul
  5. There were people in LiF and Grav that hosted multiple servers and I know of 1 guy who had his personal server and hosted servers for 3 games on it. The problem comes in accessing those servers as Steam acts as a portal to the server list and will only allow one instance of itself to be launched. I do know there are a few Steam games like Project Gorgon that had a client launcher seperate from Steam where you could log in with either one but that had a dedicated server much like WO.
  6. Dynamic spawn events. Small 10x10 deeds that pop up with a house/farm/cart, dilapidated and falling down with 2 to 10 zombies/ghosts you have to kill to get it to despawn. Wandering wizards that will cast certain enchants for a fee. NPCS you can find wandering around sometimes that will offer services. I will rake crops for 24 hours. I will make 500 bricks if you show me a bsb with rock shards...ect.. Ghost ships/dilapidated that appear randomly on the coast that require mob clearing to despawn. I can't wait for mod'ers to get started.
  7. Server settings statistics Once all of the private servers are up and running will your deal with Steam allow you to gather private server data in order to see or gauge what server settings are most attractive to the new (assumed) customer base?
  8. Sorry, I did mis read your post. I was only trying to help. Thanks for the claws though. You are everything i've heard about these forums.
  9. Steam does not support boxing so if you want to log 2 characters on your server (main and priest for instance) then you must have 2 computers, 2 seperate steam accounts and 2 copies of the game. 2 copies of the game because 2 steam accounts wont share a game code. 2 computers because steam (unless something has changed/hacked) will not allow you to open 2 instances of itself on 1 computer. Duel boxing is considered cheating in many games especially pvp.
  10. Will holiday/special items be available in the database for GMs to spawn for special events like hota statues, gnomes, summer hats, ect...
  11. Animal Numbers. Many of these private server companies impose animal count limits to reduce server lag. In games like LiF this is not a problem because once you captured an animal and added it to a pen it became a database item and no longer on the server animal count. This animal limit was also used as a pricing point for many of these companies where having 25 or 50 or 100 animals per server would dramatically increase your server cost. A low limit would force people to have to choose between being breeders or hunters and that would effect the entire server population. We do not need limits. How do yall plan to deal with these issues when they arise? Will the server companies be allowed to impose these additional costs beyond what CC believes reasonable? What is the target/max animal count CC expects to have available per server?
  12. Is there plans to remove priest restrictions and spell linking requirements so we can still play our one char and eventually enchant our own items without having to GM it?