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  1. Valrei International. 070

    so no test server update yet ? hellllloooooo?
  2. The Wurm Economy Problem

    I guess, though rares still generate a small amount of S enough to start a deed at least. but getting high end enchanted tools is doable by foraging for coppers. I think that benefit outweighs the occasion you get a rare that sells .
  3. The Wurm Economy Problem

    low prices are good from a new player perspective (of someone not trying to make money from a video game) so the lower the better, since more new players is what we need. This game already has way more hidden costs then just a subscription. and with the grind that is needed to make high end yourself it can be very discouraging for new players. I honestly think it would be fair every paying customer should get 1 free deed of like 5 by 5 tiles which starts costing money if the premium is gone. and extra tiles costs money of course, but that is a different discussion. anyway, too many things in this game take way to long to do yourself. not everyone has the patience to achieve high skill in everything so having a cheap market is a benefit if new players is what you want. But there are downsides, if new players ever want to own drake armor, to get 80S with this market will take some time to do.. and that will never chance because to many people have bought their stuff in game with real money and therefor don't want the prices to go lower. even though lower prices of everything will be one way to get and KEEP newer players interested.
  4. mole sense

    Since they are looking at spells i think its time to restart this suggestion and also change it a bit. I think magnaron needs more utility. I think mole sense should work like this. You can do a spell on a steel brush, there is no power, just on or off like demise spells. if you have mole sense on the steel brush, you can use the brush on dirt you dug up to find more information on the layers beneath the dirt. your archaeology skill determines how much information you get.
  5. Rite Spell Improvements

    i rather see a complete rework of this system, new benefits and new spells. more focussed on you and your surrounding area and players . something like this Rite spells: -area of effect covert anyone online of offline in deed and 50 tiles area ( to make them work in no deed, though wont work when offline that only work for deed members when cast in deed). - can do the spell as often as you want but it does nothing if untill your timer resets. -cant do the spell more then once per month, effects last up to 2 weeks depending on spell power. -200 favor... we dont need it to be as hard as it is now. possible spells standard: skill gain 5% speed gain to skills of 5% yield + 10% wall repair 2 hits cure all sickness Tome like effects: it give you an ability for a the period set with limited charges. stamina refresh 5 charges ( nice for climbing) speed boosts 5 charges aoe damage spell 5 charges direct damage spell 5 charges genesis 5 charges strongwall 5 charges. can disable these on pvp if needed. maybe some funny ones too that are random to all gods like 50% bonus to climbing speed. random 25% speed boosts to running random yellow potion effects need more spells but i would like to see the mechanic like that.
  6. Priest / Religion overhaul

    the update is this week?
  7. The red cherry

    this man has good ideas sometimes!
  8. The letter K

    +1 mmmmKay
  9. [Suggestion] Cocoa Trees!

    make them grow in sand for the southern feel + 1
  10. Vyn Priest: 89 channeling

    offers in euro's or silver or both ?
  11. WTS Odinnn Character + EQ

    you paid more then double what its worth for the HA, just fyi and free bump
  12. "Convert" tile with dirt and sand

    +1 to original idea since the flatten trick won't work if you cant drop a dirt on either sides because of slope, like when making a dirt wall 1 wide. not to mention it would make sense if you can use a dirt to make a tile dirt or sand to make a tile sand, kinda like paving.
  13. My new take on Wurm

    As a Non native english speaker I also got the feeling you were being a bit xenophobic, but then i remembered i don't really care enough to get bothered and moved on.
  14. starter town portal network

    this! +1