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  1. i think a large group of epic players are already on freedom too and just happy that some of the skills are getting transferred over. so mass migration might not really happen. the fact remains that the devs are allowing access to epic from freedom with skill in tact and thereby changing the landscape of epic completely ( not bad perse) but that is not what people signed on for on epic, so its only fair to allow this to be two way i moved from epic to freedom with my alts and villagers when the elevation reset/new map was done. resetting maps ( deleting money and time spent) to get new blood that was not interested to come over seemed like a really bad idea to me. I don't want to bring items from epic perse, i dont really care except for merchant contract and other NPC bought items, or maybe get refunded for them
  2. @kriswald Amen
  3. sorry to see you go
  4. hmm were there not skills excluded from the x2?
  5. Retro how about body stats? and skill that were not curved, or faith ?
  6. i think what they are saying is : one time skill change from epic to freedom, only higher one get added. always when you go from freedom to epic your skills from freedom are taken with you, but if you have a higher skill on epic you keep that one on epic stats i am unsure of.
  7. though i am intrigued by separating pve and pvp clusters i still think skills should be linked between the two somehow. i agree that when seperated and there is no way to bring items to and from the other cluster, the replenish in safety feature is gone. but the players that want to occasionally do PVP though should have some way of going to PVP without having two seperate characters to grind.
  8. +1
  9. Hi i want to convert my alt to Smeagain, any priest/follower still active on xanaduu ? I am hoping to get a convert and then hang out till i am a priest myself. ( with toon called Zerothreat) cheers Elroth
  10. i am sad to say this but i expected so much more then, here let the freedom players in with their skills. at this point i want a way to get my toons skill points ( after correction) and my trader, merchant and other NPC contracts and paid for possessions ( not man made ones) over to freedom. At least give Epic the option too to leave if you are going to let freedom players in with their skills.
  11. yes i meant PVE. my blood pressure is fine i dont see how changes on epic affect people that specifically said they are not interested and never will be in PVP. apart from that it takes a bit of the devs time to do stuff for the minority group.
  12. just because PVP'ers are the majority doesn't mean all dev work should be for them. If you are not now or never were an Epic player and you don't want to do PVP, why get involved in this discussion at all? just to say boohoo the devs did work on something that doesn't do anything for me ? majority or not that is incredibly selfish.
  13. a lot of epic players are still around just not playing on epic and still upset about all their hard work might get lost. "any change is better then no chance" .......... Map wipe was done, affliction map was redone and the central elevation map was redone.. didnt help...
  14. i have an alt i want to make a smeagain priest. can you invite him to a deed so he teleport there? i got plenty of karma for him.