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  1. i agree, i reduced my deeds to 1 small, storing all my stuff. see you all again when they merge.
  2. though i have bought and sold silver in the past. good, finally
  3. why not just make all spells skills and give all spells to all priests but give them increased and decreased skill gain to certain skills. there done, everyone can do every skill but some are easier to skill or your god. so we can stop the god hopping and forcing people to have multiple priest accounts.
  4. -1 and -1 to xanadu being to big, i wish it was 4 time as large with half the players. some people enjoy the solitude. Not everyone likes the crowded areas, the paved and civilized terrains.
  5. When i make a house wall, i load up the wall in my crafting tool and a tool that is required and i can create it. Why not do this for everything that needs to multiple items added. like forges, barrels, bsb, boats. it would make life so much easier if i am making 100 mine reinforcements to just have my mallet in one slot and the unfinished items in the other and just take stuff from my inventory. just simplify, so it makes more sense since its all the same instead of all having different ways to craft. thats it.
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    My hope is they do something like the following: change skill gain, make it more like WU, i do not mean faster, just change it that it pays to use the highest QL tools at all time. the thing with the skiller crappy tools has always bothered me. ----------- Make it Free to play but also offer a subscription option. free to play can do anything they want but is limited to 1 character. subscription comes with 1 additional character and the ability to purchase additional character upgrades (one time purchase, but not playable if subscription ends) subscription gives a flat 5 % skill gain increase and some vanity options maybe like "no passive decay on items in your inventory" or something thats usefull but not game breaking. --------- NO RMT! NO ACCOUNT SALES! ------------ make a decent shop, give it its own currency ( shop coins) and give people with a subscription a few coins a month that are only useable in the shop and can not be traded. and sell shopcoins for RL money. in the shop: sell skillgain potions (2 hours or 100% ) lots of skins for characters and walls. maybe things like 1 time gender chance, 1 time character remodelling etc vanity items like a skin for a fountain. do yearly new themes in the shop. like a medieval theme for year where most new skins have that theme to it ----------------- servers: make servers special, give them a theme of some sorts. have a server with harder terrain, more brutal animals and as a reward for that better ore vein quality or something. maybe let some servers have unique animals with unique hides that make unique and new armors, not good perse or way better, just different looking and other tools and skill requirements. spidersilk and willow bark armor.. i dont really care about the names just give more variety, have one that has almost no red animals but way more blue ones, maybe prebuild the highways between the starter towns and make it feel more like a kingdom that is safe, some guard towers etc. build some monuments with a purpose that cannot be claimed or terraformed around . for example a huge mountain peak that is named and gives an achievement if climbed. a pvp server and jackal ish server though without the skill reset. just limits all skills to 50. ---------- trade: please fix trade and just make a server wide auction system where if i have the requirement building or deed upgrade or a central DEV build deed with an auction house but lets take trade to the games of NOW and not need forums, or emails. --------- EVENTS! please make more events. oooh and on the faith and sorcery and meditation, you are starting a new game, so you want to think about doing some real changes now, since no one can complain about losing hard work yet. maybe just combine all these things into one new system without the channeling skill but with skills for spells and wisdom, books or tomes, or something needed to learn the spells. i dont know but i feel like everything was added on top of each other and not always with to much thought on the long term consequences. you can change this now. thats its . ###### dudes i just a wurm 2.0 please take my money and go make it!
  7. the hitching post, only the person that build the thing can add food to it. even if you give someone personal permissions (manage and use) they still can not fill the post with food.
  8. i don't even know, is Halloween something that is celebrated outside of the US? I mean where I live there is a very small group of people that are trying to get this holiday going here as well but its not really happening so far. I don't really mind the creature changes except the fact that the skeletons are sometimes hard to see but i don't really mind. i did not like the change to my own person. I don't care either way for zombies but just that my appearance changed without it being an option. Why not just hand out a x day lasting super yellow potion at Halloween so people can choose if they use it. one more thing that did was really annoying. we did a RIft during Halloween and instead of any good loot drops from the named dudes people were getting witch hats. that sucked monkey balls.
  9. i was born in 78, you do not speak for me. its the most common mistake people make, that they think that what they believe or are convinced by is shared among everyone that shares a some characteristic like age, social background etc. I completely disagree with almost everything you posted. i want RMT completely removed from this game and the game made easier and faster.
  10. also to add, selling accounts and silver should NOT be allowed. you can only buy silver in the shop
  11. i think this game needs to look at the model that the elder scrolls online uses, which is free to play. but getting a subscription gets you coins you can use in the cosmetics shop and some utility i would suggest something like. play for free you can do everything but you cannot do multiple accounts at the same and you cannot extend your deed more then a 10 by 10 subscription, you can still run a free to play alt next to a subscription at the same time. or 3 subs and 1 free. also subscription gives you a few silver a month, discount on the cosmetic store and maybe utility that are not game breaking like a spyglass or snowman. ( all things you should also be allowed to buy separately in the store) and the sub versions have a nicer skin or something like that. lastly if its not attractive enough they could add subs get some skillgain booster potion every month. or something like that. I would support that for sure and i think that would work
  12. quotes for truth! as far as this OP suggestion, -1 bad idea.
  13. +1 also glass in lead frames, fit the time this game seems to be in (sortof) better looking thick wooden doors with brass ring to know on the door and something i would love personally Tall stone walls 1 tile thick so you can walk on them, making wall houses a thing of the past.
  14. i wished this game didn't have priest at all, and instead of spells everything was done via runes, you could categorize them and allow one of each category on a weapon or tool so you can still get a weapon with bonus to hit chance, life transfer, skillgain etc . makes more sense to me, but i get we can't remove priests now so that wont happen. although we could make it that priest can make runes via spells, without needing rift materials and so its easier to get runes with priest then it is with a crafter. hence making it possible for both but not removing all use for priests. their pvp bonuses should be runes too which you add to armor. and healing spells runes you add to jewelry or something like that. i would not mind a change like this even though it lowers then usefulness of my 3 priests. unfortunately i agree that you are severely lacking in pvp if you are not a priest. so you can add being a priest to the choirs of being good enough for pvp, like SOTG. selling accounts should also never have been allowed, but hindsight is easy.