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  1. +1 also glass in lead frames, fit the time this game seems to be in (sortof) better looking thick wooden doors with brass ring to know on the door and something i would love personally Tall stone walls 1 tile thick so you can walk on them, making wall houses a thing of the past.
  2. i wished this game didn't have priest at all, and instead of spells everything was done via runes, you could categorize them and allow one of each category on a weapon or tool so you can still get a weapon with bonus to hit chance, life transfer, skillgain etc . makes more sense to me, but i get we can't remove priests now so that wont happen. although we could make it that priest can make runes via spells, without needing rift materials and so its easier to get runes with priest then it is with a crafter. hence making it possible for both but not removing all use for priests. their pvp bonuses should be runes too which you add to armor. and healing spells runes you add to jewelry or something like that. i would not mind a change like this even though it lowers then usefulness of my 3 priests. unfortunately i agree that you are severely lacking in pvp if you are not a priest. so you can add being a priest to the choirs of being good enough for pvp, like SOTG. selling accounts should also never have been allowed, but hindsight is easy.
  3. actually when i think about it the skill transfer needs to stay otherwise if new players join then they end up without any skills after mission is done.
  4. Personally i would like to see all deeds removed on this server, however the freedom beacon should work somewhat as a deed, and some additional rules for grouping should be added overall. So you can make a group and can only be in 1 group on the server. ( like a deed) you get a chat channel, and a group permission option. every freedom tower build can have permission set by the maker. he can set those to self group or everyone. freedom tower act as spawn points when you die and you get to rename them. also if you stand directly next to the freedom tower, you get a 50% boost in skill gain and action timers. furthermore i am fine with the skill set to 0 or like 20 when you enter, but gains should be ALOT faster and no skills should transfer back to freedom. i think when you complete some sort of mini mission you should receive a bag or safekeeping which allows you to take back 10 items to freedom 1 time. not sure how the rift points work but if you cant buy moon metals with them i would like to see that added. oooh and if there is a starter deed, there can be an NPC handing out a starter kit with like a compass. new skill should be added to but we need on every server, though its a bit useless on most. the Survey skill. you stand still with your map (make from paper_ and pen and compass and you draw your map 50 tiles around you, then move and draw etc, you can copy other peoples map too. that way we make our own maps. and lastly please spawn way more easy to kill animals to grind FS on. i dont like the tower or the guards but what other otion you have with greenish troll spawns and other nastys everywhere.
  5. sure no moon metal though. i dont really care how they call it or what material or skill is used, but very close to drake and scale in defense numbers will lead to drake being less important / expensive and unique slayings lose the monetary incentive which will naturally stop private slayings. make the new armor high'ish skill and somewhat hard to find the materials. but not too much drake and scale is. so those become more like a fashion statement of determination ( or credit card) and matter less for in game stats.
  6. +1 no more private slayings or penning them. other then that, make blacksmithing and leatherworking alternatives to drake and scale that uses hard to find but available resources and make those armors close to same as the scale and drake which kills the prices and therefor the need to private slayings, then people who want to attend the PVE event are there to kill a dragon, not just because they want drake armor and not pay 80 Euros. spider silk for drake, and some form of metal alloy for a scale version.
  7. +1 can we add Carts, wagons etc to this, with owners that left village more then a month ago so make clean up easier
  8. Come hangout in the north of Xanadu, don't mind the spiders or the hellhounds
  9. yeah make ecstatic items for sale in the shop. and allow them to be sold in game to make that the way people buy silver. make all sales of silver for RL cash or items and accounts for RL cash illegal. Ignore the market peeps that just want to keep prices high because they view this game like a job to make money in. focus on new players and new player retention fully. new blood is what we need.
  10. I don't think there is any human skill in hunting.. all you need is 1 item and 1 piece of information. get a LT weapon, go north. No skill in fighting, stand there and kill till you have to run away. weapon skill training is best done by killing easy things like horses, there should not be many or any blue animals on the hunting server. besides new people quit because the gap is too big between them and the biggest part of the population . anything that helps people catch up quicker is a good idea for player retention imho, BUT i don't think this server is for new players getting skills fast but more for people with already decent (70+) skills. you can tell this game is very top heavy by what things get shot down and how discussions go, i hope developers take decisions that most favor getting more new people and retain new players.
  11. +1 if IMHO -no deeds, -no buildings -no mine doors/reinforced mining walls -no wall / fence building maybe give it a safe place to dock at with some NPC guards and some walls so you tent there . but other then that NO building. just carnage !
  12. ooh 2b isk thats only 3,5 hours of Rorq mining.