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  1. The red cherry

    this man has good ideas sometimes!
  2. The letter K

    +1 mmmmKay
  3. [Suggestion] Cocoa Trees!

    make them grow in sand for the southern feel + 1
  4. Vyn Priest: 89 channeling

    offers in euro's or silver or both ?
  5. WTS Odinnn Character + EQ

    you paid more then double what its worth for the HA, just fyi and free bump
  6. "Convert" tile with dirt and sand

    +1 to original idea since the flatten trick won't work if you cant drop a dirt on either sides because of slope, like when making a dirt wall 1 wide. not to mention it would make sense if you can use a dirt to make a tile dirt or sand to make a tile sand, kinda like paving.
  7. My new take on Wurm

    As a Non native english speaker I also got the feeling you were being a bit xenophobic, but then i remembered i don't really care enough to get bothered and moved on.
  8. starter town portal network

    this! +1
  9. i play wurm to get away from my kids for a bit, please no kids!
  10. Improve Hand QL

    my right hand QL is close to 100, i did most of the grinding for that between age 13 to 1 nah i repair regularly with lotion
  11. Improve Hand QL

    my right hand QL is close to 100, i did most of the grinding for that between age 13 to 16.
  12. The Wurm Economy Problem

    i am not a fan of that in current conditions, but if they decide to make a wurm 2.0 with renewed marketing, better QOL, UI balance etc, i would quit this game and play that. or i would play both haha.
  13. The Wurm Economy Problem

    tomes should be more common, drake and scale should be unique and rare, but not better then the best armor you can make yourself. if you want to pay for the looks fine but lets have spider silk armor and silver thread armor etc etc that is is equal to drake and scale and that you can make your self. CC should sell costumes and you can wear over your armor that change your appearance, special flags and other things that don't offer any advance apart from looks and use that money to hire a marketeer that makes a marketing plan. maybe skill tomes, that work like sleep powders for specific skills up to 50? stuff like that. They should make catching up easy. death should kill a few random items, res stones and those priest version of res stones should not exist, meditation needs a rework to not be so insanely awesome leaving newbies too far to compete. every account should come with a free alt to make a priest, casts should decay but be WAY EASIER to do and a priest is a priest, don't matter which one you choose they can do all spells but you can only pick 10? or 15? out of the full list and each spell is a skill. channeling is removed or made into a small multiplier for success rate. markets should exist to pay others for chores you don't like, like reimping recasting resources etc but not because you got here first or had more free time to spend watching pixels grow. I can do anything myself but i prefer to spend some silver instead of doing things i find tedious. that should be the only market. honestly i think a lot of problems and resistance to changes come from the fact you can sell things and accounts for real life currency. i think only selling for silver should be allowed. QOL QOL QOL!!! and get new people interested, make this game easier for newbies. market will work fine if it was based on balanced game mechanics. if the devs need inspiration check out the sinks and fountains in and the conversion of real life currency in Eve online. i started playing 2897 days ago and i don't even want to know how much time i spent grinding 5 accounts on both epic and freedom. but i would still be interested in a complete wipe of skills and maps if it meant we restarted with a better skilling system, UI, marketing plan and market fountains and sinks. Not saying that that is the answer but it might be a start.
  14. The Wurm Economy Problem

    I think this problem has multiple facets to it and not one thing will fix it. just more new players wont fix it forever, but letting the casts die off and items get destroyed means the high end accounts can keep selling for a bit but the customers cant afford to keep paying it and the new players or mid level players will leave. i think people need to answer the question first whether they want a better market for a better in game market or a better market to make real money, because its not the same thing. I would love the developers to take a better look at eve online. their market stability is impressive, i played that game for 10 years and they have their sinks and fountains in order. you can buy In game currency through buying a time card and you can trade a time card in game with other players for in game money. you cant just buy in game currency from the company itself. this means the value of their in game currency is linked to what people would want to pay in game currency for a months subscription. the actual subscription price influences this of course. and CCP can push a price corrections through price adjustments. inflation in game buying and selling items and accounts and selling in game currency for real money is forbidden. there is NPC fountains, death destroys a random amount of your items, don't matter if its PVP or PVE. I would be in favor for all these chances.