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  1. i like the ones that are just nice to have and kinda fun, bu nothing speical really. thats nice and fun nothing should be added that a normal person cant do, so -1 to 50, 80 and 90 +1 to the rest.
  2. i think more risk should get more rewards. people should get extra affinities from pvp, nothing else. And people that abuse the mechanics are exploiting and should just be banned. just my opinion
  3. +1 sickles work fine as a weapon and have been used as weapons for longest time
  4. pumpkins too for new people. bigger meals and breakfasts
  5. i think this complicates farming. if you want to set bonusses to farming make it more like gardening. perhaps at 50 you can see how many times you tended this field at 70 it will give you an estimate of the yield but dont change quantities or qualities, since quantitiy already goes up with level, and qualities is based on skill already, if you implement this there is no incentive to get really high skill the auto resow is interesting but can you turn it of ? in case i dont want to replant at all? -1 for me
  6. so do all the cultivating first then go back and plant the grass. i am sorry but you cant plant wild grass on grass. so just wait. instead of trying to make suggestions all the time to tailor the game to your playstyle, adapt to the game you are playing.
  7. +1 or I will never hear the end of it on Teamspeak.
  8. -1 to " I deeded somewhere stupid and now the game needs to change because i messed up"
  9. if you still have that rare LMS i will take it. cod to Phelaen
  10. if we do this then why not also do this: make imping part of the crafting tool. with a improve and repair button and while you have all tools in your inventory it just picks the right one for you . that way we have the keybinds for imping and clickable button.
  11. small forms of automation could be fun like if you could build a steam operated sawmill or something like that. but it should a be a building or apparatus that you build maintain repair and fuel. other then that -1
  12. +1 to this. like a boat should be mallet and boat in the crafting window where it just takes stuff from inventory to continue with rest of it, not a fan
  13. Please people, lets make the forums great again
  14. how much for just the mask ?