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  1. Looking For Village

    yup, i finally have time to play since im graduating in a few months. Thanks y'all for the replies! I'll check these places out and let you know.
  2. Looking For Village

    Hi all, I'm looking to join a small village or someone who is thinking of starting a small village soon. I play kind of a hermit character so I'd like to stay away from the larger recruiters. Thanks
  3. New Player For New Village

    Hello Exodus! I'm a reletively new player. The hermit life is getting a bit tiring, however. If you are a small village or just starting up I'd be intrested in joining. I am at the moment a jack-of-all-trades but I will eventually focus on blacksmithing/smithing, maybe. In a perfect world I'd like to play with a mature group with similar goals of economic conquest but eh. I'm not too picky. Mkay... Many thanks for your considerations, -Deadkittytoes