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  1. 10/10 artwork I have no input on the runes/imbue stuff, never done it before. Happy to see Combat getting a look at though
  2. Settlements to add: 2359, 1911 - Sunrise Valley Port Settlements that have been disbanded: 2638, 1675 - Wrothbelly
  3. Kyklops Slaying

    Valuejam and Huurrr will be there! (Travelling from just east of Sonata)
  4. Helmet looks great, and excited for 10% skill gain boost too! Perhaps a silly question, does that 10% stack with Sleep Bonus?
  5. Would love to place an order: 2x 50ql Shovel 2x 50ql Hatchet CoD to Huurrr Thank you!
  6. Sunrise Valley [2355, 1824]
  7. It has been pushed to the beta branch. All good from this end since updating:
  8. Pre-built, Creative_backup, although wurmlogin.db doesn't affect the map? (Aside from spawn locations, correct me if I'm wrong I've not meddled with custom yet)
  9. If it helps at all, I have no internal or external address in my wurmlogin.db, only the ports declared. I tried to set up a server using the wurmlogin.db from my Windows at first, but it never worked. So I set up a fresh copy on the linux machine and let it do it's thing, downloaded and changed the gameplay settings to what I wanted and it worked perfectly.
  10. I would assume the two issues are linked, although sustaining 100% seems quite strange. My server averages 4% CPU usage (2 cores) with 3 players. When that issue starts, my I/O peaks to 32MB/s and CPU shoots up to around 23%.
  11. Check your disk write, it should jump up to an insane amount at the same time. It's this issue: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132626-dedicated-server-performance-information-thread/?p=1365436
  12. It's the Epic setting. Untick to remove the skill curve.
  13. Using a DigitalOcean droplet to host.