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  1. ToolAdvice

    That would be a great update to the UI.
  2. ToolAdvice

    Great little tool, will definitely be making use of this!
  3. So, basically you want a co-operative monopoly economic structure? Where all the sellers collude with one another in order to maintain an artificially high price? Sounds like a great proposition for the buyers! Prices fall over time, in the real world and in Wurm. The only time this isn't the case is in a monopoly situation where you can completely control the supply of a good...something that used to be done in Wurm with Scale/Drake. I'm sure we are still feeling the effects of it. Luckily there really aren't any barriers to entry, other than time spent skilling. Actually, I think moon metals, tomes and other rift/unique rewards may still be monopolized/artificially increased quite highly.
  4. What's wrong with having an 'impassable forest'? If anything it gives reason to roadbuilding and adds to the wilderness.
  5. Is there any way I can like a post multiple times? Someone else said it best, yours are the best Wurm videos by far. And that's saying something, as we have quite a few talented video makers.
  6. Instead of creating mini-games, maybe something to make fishing more fun? An optional fishing mini game that increases chances of a catch?
  7. 10i/action even seems to be fading. Noticing more and more people 'undercut' it, especially with dirt. (Probably due to nahjo) Crops too are tough to price. The old 1s/1k is long gone with them. Somewhere around 0.7-0.9s/1k depending on quantity and quality from what I see most of the time. A huge factor when determining the price is how long you wish to wait. You could argue crops are still 1s/1k, if you're willing to wait 2 months to make a sale. You will need some sort of 'at this price, guaranteed to sell within X days/weeks', otherwise it is likely your price is too high. (Especially for what should be fairly liquid assets) As for enchants....boy...they're all over the place right now. I've bought 85coc tools for as low as 20 copper to upwards of 60 copper each. That's huge variation. I would say for botd/woa/coc, only 95+ casts seem to have any sort of close pricing structure between sellers...
  8. Whips

    Your villagers gain +10 motivation.
  9. Last Post Wins

    One day this thread shall end and we will finally have a winner. May today be that day.
  10. Fair Warning

    Competition...intimidation...the real PvP has always been right here on the forums
  11. Fair Warning

    ^ This. If you try to sell anything at "not the REAL price".
  12. Short answer: No Long answer: No we don't.
  13. It was in reference to my 'static imping times' idea, where lower quality tools would actually be worth something, rather than the junk they currently are.
  14. Honestly, just forget about the economy. It's beyond 'fixing'. Play with a group of players you like and try to meet each others needs with gifts and barter. It's much more fun and rewarding than trying to 'earn an income'...plus you never need to worry about sellers/prices etc.