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  1. Not sure where this goes, if it gets moved so be it. I deeded a valley on Xan, and there wasn't a lot of flat for breeding animals. So I bought a second one around the corner for farming and horses until my valley was a bit more carved out. I finally hit 5 speed around the same time that the surface mining got done, and the people living there decided to buy their own deed. So now I have a spare. I could sell it, but I'd rather give it to someone that will be a good neighbor to myself, and the others that live in the area. Moondance: K8 on the west coast of Xanadu, just a minute from ocean that is minutes from the Deli border. Currently it is set up for breeding, with a whole lot of pens. I'm a fan of wood, easy to remove fences though. The people that lived there made some very cool timber framed buildings, and I have all the writs to those to pass over. ATM the mine is offdeed, but I think it can be expanded over. We never went under the deed as far as I know, so that should be a possibility too. There is abundant tar in the area, as well as peat and clay on the coast. If you are interested throw me a pitch. I won't lie, people I have known in game have an advantage here. References or a community background also a plus. But don't let that deter you!I guess I'll give this topic a few days and see what happens =) As others have pointed out, this is a bit of a risky offer. Forum PM, post here, or in-game PM to Gypsypunk, or Selma. It all works.
  2. Well run, well attended, lots of impers and lots to imp ... good people and good conversation. I had a lot of fun, and it was great to get a lot of Celebration back together along with the good folks from other servers that made the trip =) Now I'm just waiting on the screenshots!
  3. I've always had Virgin Mobile, I love it ($25/mo unlimited data on my smartphone!). This is the first time that fact has marked me as too shady to be a customer =/
  4. i should be able to bring some ... smack me if i forget
  5. Wasn't sure where I would be this weekend (irl), but now it looks like Celebration. We are loading up the knarrs =) edit - PS Don't let Guruen play any of the games ... it ain't fair.
  6. Not so big/fancy but the first building I made on Xanadu (ended up as the entryway for the highway from K8 to Linton). Idea was just to make an inn and have a place for food, faith, and beds while my friends and I settled around it ... I meant to post it a long time ago but I waited on those silly trellises to decorate the front =) Can't even see them really. But I still like how it turned out. Blue lamp dye is all Silakka ... I told him the name of the deed and he gave me an interpretation of it (which was perfect).
  7. Since the topic was moved from WTS to merchant forums Delone can't access it (weird bug I know). While he's trying to get it changed back to the other subforum, best to PM him here or in game, or I'll try and keep an eye on this thread. (PS Move it back!) He is assessing the viability of your proposal. How many?
  8. Thanks for not making fun of my roofless kitchen Amazing amount of road over some really tough terrain. And I love the little touches like the scenic overlook, and all of the fountains. Also woo-hoo K8! I've made it there from Delone's Cele deed in 20 minutes. And recently scorpions have started to spawn in the desert outside the valley - at least 4! FOUR! Though I think now we have eaten them all.
  9. CODed, thanks!
  10. It occurs to me this is finishing right when I'm headed to work, apologies for any delay and will get it sent out as soon as I am home.
  11. This just might be a lucky saddle =) i don't think I've pushed anything past 93 before but might go for it. Auction remains the same.
  12. OK Its 92 atm, will be higher before auctions end. As long as it doesn't want THAT much more leather. (edit 93.46 currently) Start: 4s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s No reserve, snipey thingie, keeping it simple.
  13. I think after so much time we need to get a priority on this ... I've heard people are going to the old servers for casting to get better results and coming back. Great for us who live a few minutes from a border crossing but not so much everyone else.
  14. Working on bridles and more WOA saddles atm, although my Vyn priest is still a bit bad =) 90 Ql available, but PM ahead of time as I don't keep much of that on hand. Horse pens restocked!
  15. The drama makes me want to abstain from voting. If I do, it will be for the place that I think will be the easiest trip for the most people who want to participate. What I REALLY want to say though, is I think having 2 winter impalongs is a bad idea. Oh! And some advice. I learned several impalongs ago that I'm a control freak, and happiest if I don't have to ask for things. If you can bring your own stuff to imp with, just do it and save yourself the hassle in case there aren't enough official helpers. Also meal making supplies. Much easier now with crates instead of being the dork who plants a FSB at the docks (koff).
  16. Huh? Sometimes they are told to find their own way or /suicide, and sometimes they are helped out. If you read the whole thread, that's what has been confirmed. And even in a case where a GM will help, certain times of day the wait is massive.
  17. +1 And be a boon if it didn't hurt people's nutrition like cake. There is no reason why fruit + dough can't give a medium amount nutrition. We are not talking Sara Lee frozen pie corn syrup flavoring mush. Actual fruit baked in hand milled grain crust should be at least as good as eating pumpkins and meat all day =) Add in animal fat (lard). Give another use for the fat that piles up. And a pretty model ... seriously the only reason we give cake to people.
  18. Darwinism. New people, both the smart and the dumb, fall into them, get frustrated, and never play again. Thus lowering new player retention. Also I think this is a misapplication of Darwin. You may be looking for Herbert Spencer.
  20. One of my all time favorite movies, thanks for the link. Maybe too bittersweet to watch tonight =) I like the idea of binge watching his early stand-up, there was nothing else like it and it's impossible to be sad watching him bounce around a stage.
  21. New stuff! and welcome back =) Any Eta on craftable trellises? The front of my inn looks bare waiting for them!
  22. I joined my friends in dropping a merchant here last night! Still working on stock after restocking a merchant at VoD, but it should be full up by the weekend. Thank you for opening something close to home =)
  23. Emote sounds

    Personally, I can't get used to the gold fish. Why are you a gold fish now?