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  1. [16:42:24] <Blodeuwedd> [16:42:15] The water is refreshing and it cools you down. [16:42:27] <Blodeuwedd> [16:42:17] You are drowning!
  2. +1 I've never sold Clasin, but I'd be happy to see old friends back on their mains.
  3. Delet dis Description: Fo commands you to sacrifice 525 decent brass ribbons. To make such amount of ribbons it is required to use 15.75k of brass lumps in case of no fails and making everything above 30ql.
  4. I wouldn't feel it. Whenever I take any action, it is my '1st person' thought or intention and I expect the game to give me the result. I find it more more immersive not to hear the same phrase twice. For example: Me: I want to make thatch/I make thatch! Ingame narrator: [09:23:19] You create a thatch. Tabletop RPGs work the same way.
  5. Items were in the SMC which was in my house.
  6. After today's server restart I noticed this: Some other items also got "very warm" status
  7. Decrease in player's count. TBH I enjoy interactions with the community the most.
  8. Is Wurm on Steam going to be pay2play as well?
  9. Spoiler in my thread are bugged. Someone might want to check it.
  10. Now you can trade my service for your service or goods!
  11. Bump. I am still enthusiastic to plant a few trees!
  12. Don't hesitate to ask me for a price or to offer your own Junk rares Moonmetals Rift shoulder pads Bloods&potions Bulks Veggs&Meat Enchanted junk A lil better enchanted junk Archaeology statue&mask frags Random
  13. Hello nature lovers, I have a special offer for you. I will plant you a forest or orchard and you will pay only for each sprout (1s/100) I manage to plant (If I fail to plant it will be my loss). It means that you will be provided with free service and will pay only for successfully planted trees or bushes. At the moment here are the sprouts you can choose from: PM me here or in game if you're interested. EDIT: I accept moon metals, sleep powders, high enchanted steel weapons, square pieces of cloth and high pottery and cloth tailoring imps as a payment
  14. .

    It was supposed to be private message xD. Seems I shouldn't have skipped morning coffee