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  1. Please close

  2. FPS issues

    i am have this problem also anyone have a fix for this ????
  3. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    now we need this fixed While mouselooking, you get randomly turned around. Therefore, you get disoriented
  4. Patch Notes 24/JAN/19

    with updates u cant clean forges for ash anymore whats up .......
  5. Karma spell True Strike

    that is the only reason this is being brought up
  6. Karma spell True Strike

    y bring this up now cause now tc only had it in the pass all all other kingdoms now have at least it is now closer to equal -1
  7. u still selling would like a smeltering pot 85 ql if u can pm me price thanks icenrns
  8. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    i would go 15 s for all 3
  9. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    ill pay 10 silver for all 3 charges
  10. PC / WTS Red Cherry (womp womp)

    10 silver .....
  11. The State of Raiding

    on your raid boys i only repaired 1 wall from inside the mine i dint know i could but it worked i did it once then changed to rebuilding walls out side right beside u my bad 1 wall only 1 wall only and only once not 10 not 20 1 wall only and only once i know u guys cant count so must say it many times aand the deed i extended it 10 tile north 10 not 1000 10 seee 10 and there was a good reason for and it worked