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  1. Show me what you have got! xD
  2. SOLD

    Thank you Yldrania <3 New owner should be pleased ; )
  3. SOLD

    Character sold. Big thanks to Samusen for being such a nice guy. Bye Bye!
  4. WTB ship builder character. Not less than 70 in ship building. Decent to high end fighting skills. More likely tops gathering skills Quite good to high end smithing and nature skills. Or better, very good allround account with high ship building : )
  5. Pasted files form your link(modlauncher.zip) to my dedicated servwer directory and it started to work, finally. THANK YOU!
  6. Tried with most of available released versions. With newest as well. Not working. I did like in this tutorial:
  7. Mod loader not working for me. Tried everything i found on web without result. After running modlauncher.bat window closing and that what i have got: http://screenshot.sh/m7ydNu3VGvmzu Help.
  8. Thank you very much for clarification!
  9. Are there gonna be servers and characters wipe after WU launch or everything stays like it is now + new private servers? Regards.
  10. Still looking. Anything worth buying?
  11. Bought! God bless the seller! : ) Close please.
  12. Still looking for above average character - )
  13. Gold coin still looking for new owner.