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  1. Please add Edgewater to the map. It is at M24 on the coast south of Cloud Chasing. Btrod - mayor
  2. Hello all, This is Btrod - Mayor and sole citizen of Edgewater. It is on the southeastern coast west of Southport. I have a sailboat and corbita for sale atm. I am building a knar and will be building a cog in the near future. I also have open merchant stall for anyone that would like to place one or two down here. Bryanr/Btrod
  3. I have a sailboat for sale at Rockaway P14, which is NW of Lormere. It is not painted atm but can paint it. Btrod/Bryanr mayor of Rockaway
  4. I really do hope so! The waterwheel, river and the character looks would really enhance this game a lot. Btrod
  5. WTS 10 yellow potions for 80c total, 4 sleep powder for 4s, 1k bricks for 2s, 1k mortar for 3s and 1k planks for 1s. Location is the village of Rockaway at P14 in Xan. I can meet at Lormere with the yellow potions and sleep powder. Delivery of mats would be extra depending on location. Mayor of Rockaway-Btrod
  6. My village is Rockaway at P14 on Xan. There is just me and one other player at this time. We have a mine, marketplace, a workshop/Inn. Btrod - Mayor of Rockaway
  7. I would like to see wurm create dump waiters/lifts to make it a little easier to move items and materials to upper floors in buildings. Btrod - mayor of Rockaway
  8. I can sell you 2sp at Lormere pm Btrod in game.
  9. I have 2 powder in Xan can meet you at Loremere Btrod - mayor of Rockaway
  10. I have gems on my merchant for sale at Rockaway P-14 Btrod
  11. I also agree +1 mayor of Rockaway Btrod
  12. Rockaway Village at P14 has a marketplace - stalls available. It is also has a two lane road connected to the two main north/south highways. Mayor Btrod
  13. There are many open stalls for merchants to come sell their wares. Rockaway is located at P14 on the waterfront.
  14. I am almost finished on a sailboat at Rockaway P14. I will be offering for sale at 1.5s Btrod
  15. You are welcomed to join Rockaway at P14 on Xanadu. Loremere starter town would be the closest to start from. Mayor Btrod/Bryanr
  16. If you are Xanadu you are welcomed to join Rockaway - P14. Btrod
  17. I have 8 sleep powder I am offering for 8s at Rockaway village at P14 south of votd market. Bryanr/Btrod
  18. I am looking for 2-3 honest, hard-working people. I have a 45 by 42 deed. I have a mine, corral, warehouse/workshop/Inn, a marketplace and my house. There is still lots of room for development. I live in the Pacific standard time of the USA. Bryanr/Btrod
  19. Rockaway marketplace at P14 is now open and has lots of available stalls. It is located on the waterfront. Bryanr/Btrod
  20. Woads

    I have woad at Rockaway P14 on xan that I am willing to sell. Brtod
  21. I have two open marketplace stalls atm. I am in the process of building more stalls. Rockaway is located at P14 the market is on the waterfront. Easy access from boats or roads that lead to Loremere. Mayor Btrod
  22. I have a new part time job Wednesday-Friday so will not be around much those days