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  1. The Lashar have nothing to do with JK MR or the Horde! It is a completely new land with the only affiliation to wurm lore being the gods!
  2. +1 would love this! Please make it happen!
  3. Sac favor value

    +1 this is a great idea!
  4. Armageddon (PvP)

    What's the server name listed as? I found it once but can no longer find it
  5. Armageddon (PvP)

    Can you please figure out how to get HOTA back in! Not having it kinda kill the want to play this server. HOTA helps get people to pvp and I find it to be really fun.
  6. Will we be able to set what spells a priest can cast? I.e Fo casting web armor or rotting touch?
  7. Serpent

    if i could kill it i would haha
  8. Serpent

    Ya sorry the forums were being weird last night and i clicked buttons a lot cause i was getting annoyed.
  9. Serpent

  10. 80ql large metal shield cod to hawkstarsiii
  11. Also 75ql botd 64 butchering knife