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  1. All sounds good to me except for the easier long-houses to speed up raiding. Seems to me to be brought up by people who just want to show up while no one is home and have it razed by sun-up. I think the best way to bring new PvPers is to make combat exciting. To me it is akin to just standing in-front of each other until one dies. Bells and whistles man! fly out hit markers, crit notices, If I shield bash someone and the text read, dumbdumb falls to the ground, I want to see him fall to the ground! Blood, blood and more blood! Also try balancing other styles of fighting. I hate the cookie cutter, Longsword, Large Metal Shield, SoTG . Why couldn't a magic user in cloth and SoTG have the spells to stand up against a LS/LMS fighter? Variety. Why not a Master Animal tamer use tamed/trained critters. Fighters/Magic Users/Archers/Beast Masters... PvP here is just too boring and complicated. I like the proposed changes to SoTG. Would help balance other fighting methods.
  2. I must say that my favorite change was the permission tool. That was one of my biggest complaints. Now if only we can get an in-game timer to show when we can meditate, pray or preach that reads the server time, not the client time.
  3. I absolutely agree. The people want underground walls and doors. I think devs are looking at the hardest route by creating tile borders in caves then adding the wall code to it. the OP has the simplest solution. Create plantable wall / door objects with a collision mesh and permissions.
  4. Fantastic! I just confirmed. Nice fix.
  5. Back a couple years ago, the running depths of boats was changed. Ever since then my big boats cannot enter my port because the rock is too shallow. Could you increase the depth we can lower rock with a pick to the deepest running boat?
  6. Shop signs can be muted from your settings if you wish.
  7. I would like to see more types of these Shop Signs. Would be extra nice if we had a sign for each skill category. Carpenter, Smith, Alchemist, Bow/Fletcher, Cook, The animal trainer/farmer guy... Then, with each sign, attach a looping sound pertaining to the title that can be controlled from the sign options.
  8. Doesn't have to be twitch, just something more intuitive and excitement. Fly out damage/heal markers with actual hitpoints instead of percentages, and animations that actually match what the person is doing. Better team targeting for heals and assistance communications. The combat system right now is stadn infront of the target and wait till it is dead. [22:31:32] You pierce Adolescent mountain gorilla deadly hard in the chest and damage it. Rinse and repeat.... no excitement. Better priest usage, with faster cast times and a larger mana pool.
  9. lol sell it to him... He will run off server and it will drop
  10. My player folder is full of different screen sizes well below 640x480 and they all have winfdow size and position data. For instance my windows_173x191.txt file #Wurm Online window positions #Tue Feb 10 16:05:04 EST 2015 notification=580 105 -1 -1 2 compass=45 52 -1 -1 0 quickbar=310 280 -1 -1 2 trade=80 60 480 360 0 Character=79 3 326 475 0 healthbar=0 0 -1 -1 0 missions=51 120 436 240 0 inventory=263 120 290 240 0 statusEffect=535 5 -1 -1 5 support=283 1 326 475 0 personalGoalsWindow=320 55 284 371 0 timers=441 43 -1 -1 1 missionprogress=16 60 -1 -1 8 selected=0 54 -1 -1 2 friend=283 1 326 475 0 spelleffects=123 120 290 240 0 achievementWindow=69 120 363 240 0 event=0 77 173 114 0 toolbelt=0 0 -1 -1 9 wikisearch=207 215 227 50 0 chat=0 155 173 160 1 skills=88 120 290 240 0 helpbutton=50 200 -1 -1 0 menuwindow=0 0 -1 -1 1 stats=140 48 290 240 0 skillTracker=474 200 -1 -1 2 fightwindow=16 162 -1 -1 8 target=204 32 -1 -1 0 equipment=263 120 290 240 0 As you can see, the settings for a window that size is saved but not used unless the custom screen size starts the window at that size. I have 40 or 50 windows_*x*.txt files all below 640x480.
  11. When I try setting a custom screen resolution for anything below 640x480 the setting doesn't stick and defaults to 640x480. I am wanting to set the game resolution to 200x200 and lock int he window positions and sizes. I can do it for 667x699 (which is half screen for dual clients) and all the settings are saved and loaded on start up just as expected. thanks
  12. I don't give a damn if the NSA or whatever government tracks my every move on the internet... I'm more worried about the evil-Rolfs out there that can track and use my info for the devils work.
  13. If you want me to hear all the pretty sounds in the game turn off the hurricane forced wind sound. I keep the trees cleared around my deed so enemies can't hide. I haven't had my sound turned on on over a year because of this. It is ridiculous! To suggest that I cover the rock to solve the issue... then explain how I am supposed to surface mine and area without exposed rock? "Don't do it? lol"... bite me. No. Turn off that blasting wind sounds in my ears, it's as simple as adding a check box like you do for for the other sounds. ..and for all the ones who want to jump in and say, well don't live on a mountain, don't have exposed rock, don't live in an open field... shush! If you want realism then petition for all the sounds to be forced on all the time. How realistic is it to not hear footsteps, working sounds, weather, emotes, combat, doors and all the other sounds that are optional?
  14. I say, go for it. Win, lose or draw it will be great fun for all... ... well ... after the servers come back online that is.