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  1. Me and 2 of my friends started playing again recently and we are looking to join JK. I am not sure what more to say because I have never been on this forum before, I played when there was Wild and randomness. Oh, and we are on Chaos ^^
  2. Well I originally started from where ever you usually start from. I then had all the options open and went to Elevation. When I didn't play for months, after dying I wanted a change and went to Pristine. I once again had all the portals open, I could have gone anywhere for the second time, which was misleading I guess. Why was that anyway?
  3. And creating a new character means a new account it seems? My premium time will just rot?
  4. I started playing again recently and I was in Elevation. I went from there to Pristine, but my friend is in Chaos and I want to get there. When I want to use the portal I can only go back to elevation. And once there, I can only return to Pristine. Players in the game told me that I can't go anywhere else anymore, which is pretty weird and stupid, considering I didn't see a warning (at least not one big enough) about this. So is there a way of doing this? Or do I really have to play for the 2 months without my friend, waste my time and make a new account later to get there? I didn't find anything about this Googling, so here I am.
  5. I thought I'd play for a while again but I got a rather negative surprise when I opened the game again. Firstly, the place where I last played didn't have the house anymore, just some trees. I was lagging like hell and a lizard, a bear and a spider started chasing me. Of course, I died. After dying, I respawned and I couldn't move at all. The graphics froze, the client crashed, OK. I restarted the client and now I can't move at all, when the graphics start loading the game just crashes, I have waited for way too long and nothing helps. I set optimus to use my GT540M video card and played around will all the compatibility options, nothing is working and I can't go ingame. Is this something anyone is familiar with or should I ask for a refund or something? And if I can't play at all and I just bought the premium again yesterday, can I and where ask for a refund?