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  1. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    Sorry if someone has already asked this but, I can't come out there for at least a day or so... Will it still be open and can I still get the prize for completion a few days after this event starts?
  2. Valrei International 028

    I am SO HAPPY to see the cage feature. Idk what will happen to the animal selling market (in some weird way, it might actually improve). But it saves me having to keep separate horses on all servers that I travel to, in unprotected horsie houses, which is bad for breeding. I can just take my prized rainbow of 5 speeds from Xanadu to wherever I please! Now, I gotta figure out how you make one of these cages..?
  3. 84.86ql, 1.02kg. Asking 7s.
  4. Left and right basic to Simju, Left layered to Cayce. Thanks!
  5. WTS rift materials (closed)

    All mats sold and sent. Thanks guys!
  6. WTS rift materials (closed)

    Low to medium quality range, I have combined these materials into more manageable groups. The formula for pricing each item is the following: ql 10-30: 5c per .2kg ql 31-50: 6c per .2kg ql 51-99: 7c per .2kg buyer also pays COD. Thanks!
  7. Clearing out the shoulder pads from my backpack, take your pick for 20c each.
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies, I have decided to give it a go with NEXA.
  9. Greetings fellow Wurmians. As stated in the title, I am looking for a different Alliance for my main, which is not this toon. I am posting as an alt, to avoid potentially upsetting my current Alliance, over a move that might not even happen, and just because I am expressing feelings that others may make it all about them, and take offense to. Right now, I am just trying to gather info about what all is out there, and more than likely, this alt will stay in the old alliance to maintain contact. So this is just a consideration for my main. I am dissatisfied with my current Alliance because they are not very active, and for those who are active, they only come online for a short period during the day. I am more of a night player (from the states). So most days I play, I am completely alone in chat. I never realized an active alliance that regularly chats is what I wanted all along. Also, even though they are nice enough and in the past have been helpful, people in my current alliance are starting to ignore my simple requests. I have been trying to get a courier cast on my mailbox for days now, and blown off several times by different allies. Now, I understand people have things going on, but when someone says they will do something, they should do it. If they never intended to do it, they shouldn't have said they would. A good friend of mine has been doing active recruiting for the alliance lately (she's the only one who bothers, and isn't even a senior member) and she and I are the ones who end up spending a lot of time getting the newbies settled in. I feel this activity is a good way for me to give back to the alliance that helped me, since I am limited in my abilities to help any individuals with better skills than me, and when they have viable priests. I don't mind helping new members, but nobody wants to spend ALL their time doing so, and if nobody else is helping with the process (right now my friend is on vacation, so its all me ...) then that is exactly what ends up happening. I feel helping new members is the responsibility of all alliance members, and everyone should spend at least SOME time doing so, regularly. Another issue is, I love to fight and hunt. And these regular Rift events the devs have come up with, IMO are brilliant. I love going out to rifts and fighting like mad for good loot. I love coming together as a large group, the way Xanaduvians like to do, and fighting against a common foe. It's a lot of fun, and I've been to every one since they started. But guess who doesn't like rifts and generally doesn't go? The rest of my alliance Once again, I understand people get busy, but the leader of the Alliance herself is "boycotting the rifts" and won't even give a good reason why!! I can't help but feel how silly that is. So in addition to an alliance that is active and helpful, I would really like to be in one that actually does things together such as rifts, unique hunting/fighting, imp-alongs, road/tunnel building, etc. If you are aware of an alliance like this, please message me here on the forums to give a little info about it, and the person I should contact for an invitation. More about me: I am a four-year veteran of Wurm, coming back after a rest of about 10 months. Used to play on Celebration; been on Xanadu for just about a month now. I'm somewhat a jack-of-all-trades, with several skills that are medium-high, rather than one or two that are very high. I am happy to give back in any way that I can to any alliance that helps me, and I am always grateful for any help others provide. As before, I love to fight and hunt. I am unusually good at finding things i.e. mobs, veins, trees, people, etc. I enjoy traveling, taking in the sights and locating shinies. I'm all about cultivating rare things, jet horses, pink-dotted flower vases, oak orchards, and whatnot. My highest skills, and therefore the places I could be best put to work: Digging, fighting, masonry, carpentry, woodcutting, mining, farming, paving and animal husbandry. If need be, I don't mind joining someone else's village in the beginning (if that happens, please be aware I'm bringing about a dozen horses for breeding stock, so watch your deed ratio...). But I will start exploring to find just the right spot to build my own deed right away. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, and I am excited to hear all about some amazing alliances on Xanadu.
  10. Wts Referral, 6S

    sold, thanks for the responses.
  11. Wts Referral, 6S

    Hello, I have a referral to sell for 6s. If interested, please send me a message here on the forums, as this is not the character I usually play. Thanks!