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  1. Does anyone know the location of a trader's inventory in the databases? Thanks, Z
  2. Would it be possible to increase or remove the limit for building structures as a GM? Thanks, Z
  3. Well then, my plans will have to be somewhat less grand. Thanks for the reply.
  4. [18:57:36] You set Carpentry to 99.999999. [18:57:40] You are not skilled enough in Carpentry to build this size of structure. This building really isn't all that big, but anyway, is there a way around this as a GM? I'm two lousy tiles short of completing the building. Thanks, Z
  5. I'd like to add some items to our traders, but often, the prices are either far too cheap, or too expensive. Is there a way to change the prices on the items he carries? Thanks, Z
  6. I'm working on a script that monitors the server, and eventually tries to reload the server if it has crashed. Is there a way, when running the modloader.bat, we can force the UI to start the server, bypassing the need to click the green start server button? Thanks!
  7. This mod is fantastic, thanks!!
  8. I wanted to come back to say, I've downloaded this 'digging like mining' mod, which makes the dirt you dig go into piles, rather than your inventory. Apparently it's supposed to work with dredges too, but I haven't tested that it does indeed work with dredges. The download link is on the second page. All around, a fantastic mod.
  9. I'm not sure if this is something that can be altered, but having a dredge that held more than 2 dirt at a time would be fantastic.
  10. Can you give people on your server custom titles? If so, how? Thanks!
  11. WalkerInTheVoid, I very much appreciate your efforts with the mod, especially your focus on the issue with meditation. Thanks!