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  1. I think this map is awesome shame the fog spiders do not affect a localized area - would love to seem them stay in the map - adds to the atmosphere. Any chance of getting the mod that allows prayer skill gain more than 5 times a day and meditation mod? Awesome job on this map so far, loving the exploration.
  2. I know this is probably not an option but if someway the game mechanics could allow for retaining walls to be built that would be awesome. I can envision lots of uses that would allow for areas to be done and look awesome. Just add mechanic that you can climb up the retaining wall so you do not create inaccessible spaces using stamina just like climbing steep slopes.
  3. I have a xmas present suggestion: A token that a player can apply to a deed that once applied the deed now has a bonus of reduced decay for items stored in that deed. Every month that deed is maintained and kept with over 30 days upkeep the reduced decay bonus increases. If the deed drops the special bonus earned on the deed goes away with it. This is an incentive for people to maintain a deed for a long time. It is also a a benefit to the developers since players will maintain a deed thus bringing in revenue. This is a benefit to the long standing players that maintain a deed for long period of time. Just a suggestion for a xmas present that benefits both the players and the game developers. THANKS!!! Darkshadow
  4. I would never click on a gold farming/selling site in a game. I hope I did not get any keyloggers with my cookies visiting that recommended site. It is places like these that contribute to detriment of online games. Hacked accounts, gold spamming, etc.
  5. The ethics of buying gold against the ToS is a personal decision, doesn't really matter. The crazy thing is being directed by the Wurm establishment to go to a shady illegal virtual goods site and being told, hey go here - this is safer than buying directly from Aum. (Any names used in this post are purely fictional and do not represent actual ingame people)
  6. I don't get it, this site sells things like WoW gold, isn't that illegal or has the ToS changed? We are being strongly recommended to do transactions on a site that sells illegal items in online games?
  7. 5s Retracted - sorry, thought it was rare
  8. SOLD

    Yikes!!! Grats to the winner on an some really expensive pixels It should light up an entire mine and spit out magic gems!!!
  9. now that is one special order looking for only the best ql