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  1. the mauls made it back home before i did, and they are perfect, great service and price, thanks again.
  2. received shield, excellent work, thank you. sent another sm maul. maul has bt, needs imp to 90, and chanted to nim90 and coc 90. cod back to lowthron. im at your dock will pop in and say hi.
  3. sent silver sm maul with bt, please imp to 90 and and 90nim and 90coc, cod back to lowthron, thanks
  4. Once again you have exceeded my expectations in quality, price, and turn around time. Thank you.
  5. 7 items back, excellent chants, excellent price. thank you. also sent today lg shield needs 90 imp 90coc helm needs 90imp leather knife needs 90 imp 90coc awl needs 90 imp 90coc scissors needs 90 imp 90coc Thanks once again for your excellent service
  6. Sent rare pick, 2 small mauls, whetstone, hammer, stone chisel, and pelt for imping and chanting. Each is labeled with needs, PM if questions, cod to lowthron please.
  7. 90ql large maul, 90nm 90lt 90coc, back so fast and loved the price, thank you much
  8. appreciate the same day service and great price on the 2 90ql 90woa picks, thank you, cave ins are melting
  9. Thank you for the wonderful imping and chants, super speedy service and great pricing. Highly recommend Virusmd for your any needs. I will be sending a large maul to be imped to 90, chanted to 90nm 90lt 90coc, cod to lowthron pls. sending misc studded leather to be imped to 90, no chants, cod to lowthron. your the best.
  10. There is no doubt that other peoples servers are bleeding into my lan list from somewhere and remain on that list until I choose either them or me. The big question, is it possible that any of those showing up are other peoples lan servers or only others internet servers. There is clearly an error somewhere in sorting that allows other peoples servers in my lan list to begin with, if those are internet servers bleeding over, in my mind that's a small problem, but if any of those happen to be others lan servers I would consider that a big problem.
  11. Thanks for the reply Brash. Yes with refresh they do vanish. Problem I am concerned with is this randomly lets anyone in to private servers to do any kind of damage they choose if one has not set a strong password. In my eyes this defeats the purpose of having servers called lan servers. If the strange servers showing up are internet servers its not so bad, but if they are others lan servers people should be warned.
  12. Seems like a bug to me but perhaps I misunderstand the usage of lan servers. In the manage server window are tabs for internet and one for lan. Internet one shows public servers put out for others to use, I assumed lan servers were only for in house use, but I randomly am getting other peoples servers who I do not know showing up in my lan window, and I can connect to them. Is this the way its supposed to work ? I am running behind a router and using windows firewall so how are they showing up on my lan window? I am by no means tech literate so if I have misunderstood or missed settings to stay private please explain what I have done wrong. TY
  13. The Freedom cluster was added as a lawful, peaceful place for players to play, so its clear active feuds cannot be allowed. It appears to me that given the contradictory mess of a rule set we now have that Enki did a great job of putting out the fire. This is yet another good example of why the FCC, and the enclosure rules broken as they were should have been rewritten for todays Wurm instead of being thrown away. I would like to see it go one step further and define a maximum perimeter with terraforming and mining permissions. How can we complain about arbitrary decisions when the game creates the need for them on a daily basis. Wurm offers both PVP and PVE servers, with the abundant amount of space available there is no reason on a peaceful server anyone should ever be going into another's area bothering them, especially perimeters or the little bit of land a ftp needs to start up.
  14. Big +1 for digging permission. Anyone that pays for a deed soon has a vision of what it will look like, they should have a way to preserve a bit of the area around themselves. Make the outer 2 tiles of perim Kings Land with no permissions to allow for roads. No one should have the right to go in and destroy a paying customers area, anyone that has the need to do that should move to a pvp server. If its a problem on pvp then disable it there or add items for them to be able to do it with even with permission set.