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  1. 90ql large maul, 90nm 90lt 90coc, back so fast and loved the price, thank you much
  2. appreciate the same day service and great price on the 2 90ql 90woa picks, thank you, cave ins are melting
  3. Thank you for the wonderful imping and chants, super speedy service and great pricing. Highly recommend Virusmd for your any needs. I will be sending a large maul to be imped to 90, chanted to 90nm 90lt 90coc, cod to lowthron pls. sending misc studded leather to be imped to 90, no chants, cod to lowthron. your the best.
  4. There is no doubt that other peoples servers are bleeding into my lan list from somewhere and remain on that list until I choose either them or me. The big question, is it possible that any of those showing up are other peoples lan servers or only others internet servers. There is clearly an error somewhere in sorting that allows other peoples servers in my lan list to begin with, if those are internet servers bleeding over, in my mind that's a small problem, but if any of those happen to be others lan servers I would consider that a big problem.
  5. Thanks for the reply Brash. Yes with refresh they do vanish. Problem I am concerned with is this randomly lets anyone in to private servers to do any kind of damage they choose if one has not set a strong password. In my eyes this defeats the purpose of having servers called lan servers. If the strange servers showing up are internet servers its not so bad, but if they are others lan servers people should be warned.
  6. Seems like a bug to me but perhaps I misunderstand the usage of lan servers. In the manage server window are tabs for internet and one for lan. Internet one shows public servers put out for others to use, I assumed lan servers were only for in house use, but I randomly am getting other peoples servers who I do not know showing up in my lan window, and I can connect to them. Is this the way its supposed to work ? I am running behind a router and using windows firewall so how are they showing up on my lan window? I am by no means tech literate so if I have misunderstood or missed settings to stay private please explain what I have done wrong. TY
  7. The Freedom cluster was added as a lawful, peaceful place for players to play, so its clear active feuds cannot be allowed. It appears to me that given the contradictory mess of a rule set we now have that Enki did a great job of putting out the fire. This is yet another good example of why the FCC, and the enclosure rules broken as they were should have been rewritten for todays Wurm instead of being thrown away. I would like to see it go one step further and define a maximum perimeter with terraforming and mining permissions. How can we complain about arbitrary decisions when the game creates the need for them on a daily basis. Wurm offers both PVP and PVE servers, with the abundant amount of space available there is no reason on a peaceful server anyone should ever be going into another's area bothering them, especially perimeters or the little bit of land a ftp needs to start up.
  8. Big +1 for digging permission. Anyone that pays for a deed soon has a vision of what it will look like, they should have a way to preserve a bit of the area around themselves. Make the outer 2 tiles of perim Kings Land with no permissions to allow for roads. No one should have the right to go in and destroy a paying customers area, anyone that has the need to do that should move to a pvp server. If its a problem on pvp then disable it there or add items for them to be able to do it with even with permission set.
  9. Perhaps the title of this post should have been: A legal way to rapidly get even more Wurm Players to quit.
  10. To clarify, this would be a permission box just like digging on the deed form. With proper roles assigned this would stop ones own villagers from being able to access ally mates deeds, and this for sure is something that is needed as shown by how many want nothing to do with new villagers anymore, many of whom used to welcome them. Will it fix everything, no, a mayor still might assign roles wrong or forget, but it would certainly make a difference as most mayors are ocd enough to get it right when it comes to protecting friends, and its certainly better than having to kick out, or full restrict a good ally mate because he takes in a visitor, or having to leave an alliance because you take in one, and lets face it allies are not safe if villagers are added. Brash everything you suggested does work, the problem is every time you take in a visitor you would have to type everything you typed above and show it to them, and even then as new players they will often get it wrong, 1 checkbox would eliminate the need for that, while still offering an added layer of protection, it would be no more complicated or fail any less often than what we are going to get, scary as that might be. For those that don't understand,, I create roles and assign each villager to them, such as, alts-all permissions, veteran villager-most permissions and ally on, trusted villager less permissions and ally off, new villager-minimum permissions and ally off, villager-no permissions and ally off, this role is the default and is for visitors giving them only the token to spawn at and the use of the confined guesthouse. This has nothing to do with a deed owner having any control over ally mates settings
  11. I used to let passing new players join my village to give them temporary sanction and a place to spawn. With todays level of griefing that is no longer an option. I can easily protect my deed from them but bringing them in also opens any allies to them. A setting that prohibited them from having ally rights, set to default off would solve that.
  12. Yes. not having pve mentality policing on pve servers is hurting wurm. its why hundrends of players leave and why many like myself have reduced our wurm budgets to next to nothing. When the enclosure rule and fcc were thrown out I dropped 2 of 4 deeds, fired all the guards and dropped prems by 75%. Playing as mostly ftp now I find it must less frustrating waiting for it to return to a non aggressive atmosphere. When I arrived on Indy back in 2009 it was simple, if you went into anothers established area and caused trouble you dealt with Enki and co. Then the population boomed over the next cpl of years and the gm's could not keep up, so the enclosure rule was added, but sadly this began to be abused very badly. Then Pristeen was added and another boom, and along with it a new line of thinking by some, let the players on indy take care of themselves, this was then followed by the fcc, and enclosure rule being dropped, and rules rewritten. No player is ever 100% safe not even in a fort, bugs ensure that, such as the new gliding ability. The vast majority of players don't even know many of them exist before they are fixed, but not before the griefers know and put them to use. How to fix, incredible easily. The original concept worked, rather than throw them out fix them. 100 lawyers writing a 100 years couldn't handle everything that can happen in Wurm so rewrite the Fcc and bring it back in as a rule, bother an established player and you pay the price, bring back the enclosure rule for the new players, only this time limit it to 10x10 or 20x20, or whatever, with a specified gap between enclosures and or perims, there certainly is no shortage of land in Wurm, but there is certainly a shortage of new players staying, lol and old ones too for that matter. The population of Wurm is 5 times what it was when I began and the price is up a well earned 50%, so if more gm;s are needed to monitor Indy, recruit and educate them. The core PVE players, the core PVP players, and the core Gm's are all some of the best players I have met in 20 years of gaming, but the constant infighting among all over the bad apples and telling players to quit, or blaming them instead of a griefer because they misunderstood or wern't aware of the weekly exploit needs to stop if Wurm is ever going to return to the once happy place it used to be when u didn't have to live in a fort with no villagers to be safe. A villager that steals from a village needs to be a gm problem how else can you have a society? For those of you that don't want to live in a lawful community the pvp servers are actively recruiting, try em.
  13. As far back as 2010 we were using gliding to fly over cliffsides to the water for 0 damage after climbing as high as possible to survey, so this is not a new feature. Now with infinite height gone from walls and fences, gliding also needs to go, it would take rows of fences on tiles above to protect deeds below cliffs, 1 row would work only if there was only 1 unwalkable tile above.
  14. Please, remove horizontal movement from falling, hundreds of mountainside deeds can be affected by this. It amounts to unlocking deed fences, and doors from houses under construction. With infinite height gone I was able to illegally enter both of my deeds and 4 of the 9 houses I have under construction. Never in the 6 years I have been here have deed settings been bullet proof, and as Wurm constantly changes I don't believe they ever will be. The way it is working now one would need to build row after row of fences above to completely eliminate the possibility of gliding in, and increasing fall damage is an even worse option with the many effects that would have.
  15. Bright celebration of Vynora. Vyn asks you to cut down the pine tree west of Briar. This needs to be changed to cut down the glowing pine tree and make a glowing pine tree, or cut down the pine tree west of Briar's perimeter. The way this is worded it is sending players into someones perim to chop down pine trees until they find it. There are enough disputes without sending players into them. This would upset most any player as it did my neighbor, logging in to find trees going down in his perim for this.